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roots blower / vortex gas pump

Roots Air Blower | Electric air blower in China

Three Roots Air Blower

Product Features
1.The air blower hereof adopts the original curve track and the optimized design to improve the full-adiaatic efficiency as well as the volumetric efficiency Which makes the capacity vs. Pressure superior.
2.The screen lines adopt the helical construction which used the method of casing at the suction and discharge sides to be cut to a helical shape. The triangle suction and discharge port formed by a straight line of the rotor top is opened-and closed gradually which makes the operation more balanced and the liberation and noise limited.
3. The structure design adopts the design preventing the bearing oil and gear oil from entering the casing which makes it clean without any oil to prevent the air pollution due to the fog oil.
4.Compact Structure.The Special bearing and oil seal has improved the service life, which makes the maintenance management conveniently as well.
5.The blowers and bearing adopt the pressure distribution structure. There are small spaces between blowers which make them free from each other and keep the blower performance standing and operating continual for ling time

The product hereof is normally applied for transforming air, yet which can be used to transform the carbon air as well as other flammable, explosive and poisonous etc. special gases. if user request this, please make a description when placing air blower orders.

roots air blower
roots air blower
roots air blower

EPS25L, EPS32L , EPS40L, EPS50L, EPS65L, EPS65LA, EPS80L, EPS100L, EPS125L, EPS150L, EPS200L,
EPS50W, EPS65W, EPS80W, EPS100W, EPS125W, EPS150W, EPS200W,

Three-lobe Vertical Roots Blower Functioning Table
Three-lobe Horizontal Roots Blower Functioning Table
Two-lobe Vertical Roots Blower Functioning Table
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Vortex Gas Pumps

The Vortex Gas Pumps are widely used for clothes, printing, paper making, aquiculture, liquid waste disposing, adding oxygen, photoengraving, industry absorbing, heliograph, powder and grain feeding, work scene, etc. Our factory passed the CCC authentication, and passed the certificate of CE Standard. Which assureed the security quality of the products. The technology of our factory is advanced. We imported and used the international advanced technology to make the fight of the quality. Now our products are exported to European countries and America.

Made by Aluminum alloy, Small body, small weight, High pressure and Oil free

vortex gas pump