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A liquid ring vacuum pump is really a rotating positive-displacement pump.

They’re ordinarily made use of like a vacuum pump, but can also be made use of being a fuel compressor. The function of a liquid ring pump is equivalent to a rotary vane pump, with the distinction becoming that the vanes are an integral a part of the rotor and churn a rotating ring of liquid to kind the compression-chamber seal. They may be an inherently low-friction design, together with the rotor remaining the sole moving aspect. Sliding friction is restricted towards the shaft seals. Liquid ring pumps are typically powered by an induction motor.

The liquid ring vacuum pump compresses gas by rotating a vaned impeller found eccentrically inside of a cylindrical casing. Liquid (typically water) is fed into the pump and, by centrifugal acceleration, kinds a moving cylindrical ring against the inside from the casing. This liquid ring creates a series of seals inside the space concerning the impeller vanes, which kind compression chambers. The eccentricity concerning the impeller’s axis of rotation as well as casing geometric axis results in a cyclic variation in the volume enclosed through the vanes plus the ring.

Fuel, often air, is drawn into the pump by way of an inlet port in the end from the casing. The gasoline is trapped inside the compression chambers formed through the impeller vanes and the liquid ring. The reduction in volume triggered from the impeller rotation compresses the gas, which reviews to your discharge port within the finish of the casing.

Compressed gas on discharge of pump has sure volume of operating liquid which is normally eliminated in vapor-liquid separator.

Operating principle and features:
For the series SK, 2SK, YK and 2YK liquid ring vacuum pumps, multi-vane impeller is fixed ecceentrically in the pump casing. When the vanes rotate, the liquid in the casing forms a liquid ring that is concentric with the pump casing under the centrifugal effect, the cubage between liquid and vanes have a periodic change, so the function of pumping be performed. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are of the features of low energy consumption and low noise. They can be used to pump water vapor, inflammable and explosive gas as well as ordinary gases. With special materials used for major parts, they can also pump corrosive gas. Suitable actuating medium or sometimes pumped medium can be chosen as actuating liquids, so the pumps can almost handle all widely used for light, chemical, food, electric power and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Model Ultimate Pressure Pumping Speed Inlet diam Motor Power Speed Type of sealing Cooling Water Consumption Weight
(Hpa) (M3/min) (mm) (Kw) R/min (L/min) (Kg)
2SK-3 33 3 50 7.5 1450 apparatus sealing 20 226
2SK-6A 33 6 80 11 1450 apparatus sealing 35 380
SK-1.5B 40 1.5 40 4 2900 apparatus sealing 15 75
SK-12A 40 12 100 18.5 970 apparatus sealing 70 620

Series Sk-3A Water Ring Vacuum Pumps

Model Uitimate Pressure Pumping Speed Inlet Diam. Outlet Diam. Motor Power
Pa Torr M/min mm mm Kw
SK-3A 4000 30 3 50 50 5.5

Series SK-3P Water Ring Vacuum Pumps With Air Ejectors

Model Pumping speed when suction pressure is 30 torr(m3/min) Ultimate(patorr)Pressure Motor Power(Kw) Speed(r.p.m)
SK-3P 2 1.33?03 (10) 5.5 1450

Series Sk-3 Water Ring Vacuum Pumps

Model Uitimate Pressure Pumping Speed Inlet Diam. Outlet Diam. Motor Power
Pa Torr M/min mm mm Kw
SK-3 8000 60 3 50 50 5.5