Roots Vacuum Pump

Roots Vacuum Pump Principles, Applications etc

Operating Principle and Features:

The series SYF roots vacuum pump is with overflow valve. The figure-of-eight rotors are counter-rotating at a constant speed inside the pump housing for suction and exhaust of gas. Two rotors are supported by two bearings and synchronized by a gear, which ensures these two rotors in certain relative positions. They are near to one another and to the housing without actual contacting, so lubrication is unnecessary in the working housing. The carefully balanced operating parts and high precision bevel wheels ensue the pump be operated stably and continuously under the condition of high-pressure difference. Dynamic seal part use our patent technology and imported oil seals, the vibration amount of shaft on the shaft seals is controlled to less than 0.02 mm.

roots vacuum pumps

A gravity valve is installed between the suction and exhaust part of the pump. The function of the gravity valve is as follows, when the pressure difference between the suction and exhaust part is over the weight of the valve, the valve opens automatically, which makes the pressure difference always keep in a fixed controllable value, the value is the allowable highest pressure difference to ensure the pump work normally and so that in fact, the roots vacuum pump with overflow valve is a kind of overload self-protective pump.
Series SYF roots vacuum pump with overflow valve has substantially higher speed at relatively lower inlet pressure and it is possessed overload self-protective function. Because it is a pump of dry clearance seal construction, if a certain pumping speed rate and an ultimate vacuum need to be obtained, it is necessary to supply a lower inlet pressure for reducing the back flow, therefore, a pump must be backed in use, roots vacuum pump should be started soom after its inlet pressure reaches a permissible value for economization.
It is permit to select different kinds of pump as the backing pump for factual requirements, such as oil seal pump and liquid ring vacuum pump. When pumping the gas containing large amount of vapor, the liquid ring vacuum pump is the ideal backing pump.

Performance Parameter:

Model Ultimate Pressure Pumping Speed Pressure Overflow Valve Inlet Diam. Outlet Diam. Motor Power Recommended Backing Pump Cooling Water Consumption Weight
(Pa) (L/S) (Hpa) (mm) (mm) (Kw) (L/min) (Kg)
SYF-30 3×10-² 30 52 50 40 0.75 2H-8 / 85
SYF-70 3×10-² 70 52 80 50 1.1 2H-15 / 110
SYF-70D 3×10-² 70 48 100 100 1.5 2H-15 20 220
SYF-150 3×10-² 150 48 100 100 2.2 2H-30 25 220
SYF-300 3×10-² 300 58 150 150 4 2X-70,2H-70 30 310
SYF-600 5×10-² 600 32 200 200 7.5 H-150,HGL-150 35 790
SYF-1200 5×10-² 1200 44 250 200 11 H-150,HGL-150 40 950
ZJP-1800 5×10-² 1800 32 250 250&200 15 2-HG150,ZJP600/HG150 50 1200
ZJP-2500 5×10-² 2500 44 320 320&250 18.5 2-HG150,ZJP600/HG150 60 1500

Applications of Roots Vacuum Pumps

With the advancement of vacuum application, there are numerous sorts of Roots vacuum pump. The roots vacuum pump’s pumping velocity has transformed from a couple of liters for every second to several thousand and a large number of liters every second. As per the Roots vacuum pump’s working standard, the roots vacuum pump can be fundamentally separated into two kinds, specifically gas catch pump and gas move pump. With the vacuum innovation in the creation and logical exploration, the weight scope of its application is getting more extensive and more extensive. Most vacuum pumps should be made out of a few roots vacuum pumps to pump together to meet the creative and logical examination measures’ prerequisites. Since the working weight territory engaged with the vacuum application division is vast, it is difficult to finish any Roots vacuum pump. It is reasonable for all working weight ranges. Various sorts of Roots vacuum pumps must be utilized by multiple working weight ranges and diverse working prerequisites. To utilize helpfully and address the issues of different vacuum measures, separate roots vacuum pumps are consolidated by their presentation necessities and applied as units. The generally used roots vacuum pumps incorporate dry screw vacuum pump, water ring pump, responding pump, slide valve pump, rotating vane pump, roots pump, and dispersion pump. These pumps are the necessary primary pumps in utilizing vacuum innovation in different enterprises of the public economy. As of late, with the continuous and fast advancement of China’s economy, the downstream application industry identified with roots vacuum pumps keeps a quick development force. Simultaneously, under the joint draw of the nonstop extension of the application field of Roots vacuum pump and different components, the roots vacuum pump industry in China has accomplished a continued, steady and fast turn of events.

Know More About Roots Vacuum Pump

The roots vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump with a couple of soled rotors pivoting simultaneously and rapidly. This pump can’t be suctioned alone. The front stage should be outfitted with an oil seal, water ring, etc., to deplete the air legitimately. Its structure and working guidelines are like roots blowers. When it works, its pull port is associated with the primary pump of the emptied vessel or vacuum framework. There is no contact between the rotor and the rotor or between the rotor and the pump shell, and the freedom is commonly 0.1-0.8mm; oil isn’t needed. The rotor profile incorporates a roundabout circular segment, involute, cycloid, and so on. The involute rotor pump has high volume usage proportion and is simple to guarantee machining exactness, so the rotor profile is generally involute. The turning pace of the Roots vacuum pump can be as high as 3450 ~ 4100 rpm; the pumping rate is 30 ~ 10000 L/S (1 L = 10-3 m3); the cutoff vacuum: the single-stage is 6.5 × 10-2 PA, the twofold stage is 1 × 10-3 PA.

The Roots vacuum pump’s cutoff vacuum depends not just on the structure and assembling precision of the pump itself, but also on the breaking point vacuum of the front stage pump. To improve the pump’s breaking point vacuum, a roots pump can be utilized in the arrangement. The working guideline of the roots pump is like that of a Roots blower. Because of the rotor’s ceaseless pivot, the extricated gas is brought into the space V0 between the rotor and the pump shell from the air channel and afterward released through the fumes port. As the V0 space is wholly shut after the pull, the pump pit’s gas isn’t packed and extended.

Be that as it may, when the head of the rotor turns the edge of the fumes port, and the space V0 is associated with the fumes side, given the high gas pressure at the fumes side, a piece of the gas streams over into the space V0, which makes the gas pressure abruptly increment. As the rotor keeps on turning, the gas leaves the pump. In the hole of the roots pump, two “8” molded rotors are vertically introduced on a couple of equal shafts. A couple of rigging belts with a transmission proportion of 1 move backward coordinated turn with one another. There is a sure hole between the rotors, the rotors, and the inward mass of the pump packaging, which can understand the rapid activity. Book from our roots vacuum pump suppliers.


1. What are the advantages of roots vacuum pumps?

There is a more massive pumping speed in the broader pressure range.

The rotor has good geometrical symmetry, so the vibration is small, and the operation is stable.

The compression is relatively low, and the effect of hydrogen extraction is poor.

2. What is the ultimate pressure in a vacuum pump?

Ultimate pressure pult is the lowest pressure of a blank-flanged vacuum pump under defined conditions without gas inlet. At maximum pressure, the usable pumping speed will be zero. It is a theoretical value. The lowest pressure, which can be achieved in a vacuum vessel, will be determined by—pumping speed.

3. What is the best vacuum pump oil?

Triple distilled pump oil is transparent and is designed for an ultimate vacuum of 0.6 microns (6 x 10-4 torr). Hydrotreated oil is a high-end pump oil designed for high vacuum applications, such as industrial and science.

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