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IP55 защиты настраиваемый винтовой вакуумный насос низкого давления электрический тормоз сухой винтовой вакуумный насос

Как один из китайских производителей вакуумных насосов, поставщиков и экспортеров механической продукции, мы предлагаем китайские вакуумные насосы и многие другие продукты.

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This IP55 protection customizable screw vacuum pump with a low pressure electric brake is an industrial-grade product designed for high-performance and efficiency. Manufactured with a robust structure, it provides reliable and efficient operation in a variety of applications, including the food and beverage industry, industrial boilers, machining, metal and equipment manufacturing, mining industry, and temperature control.

Product Details

Our vacuum pump model LGB-300 comes with a horsepower of 50 HP and operates at low pressure. It is powered by electricity with a voltage of 380V and power of 37KW. The vacuum pump has a customizable cable length and an outlet size of DN125. It also comes with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Technical Specifications

The LGB-300 model boasts impressive technical specifications to ensure it meets your needs:

Key Features and Advantages

  • Low Maintenance: Our vacuum pump is designed to reduce the need for regular maintenance, saving you time and cost.
  • High Efficiency: With a power of 37KW and a voltage of 380V, it ensures high efficiency and performance.
  • No Oil Pollution: As a dry screw vacuum pump, it does not produce oil pollution, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  • Wide Application: It can be used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, industrial boilers, machining, metal and equipment manufacturing, and mining.

Application Scene

The vacuum pump is widely used in diverse scenarios due to its versatility and efficiency. Observe its application in the following image:

Application Scene

Choosing the Right Vacuum Pump

Understanding the working principle, design features, main components, types, and the differences between them can help you choose the right vacuum pump for your needs. We provide comprehensive guidance on these aspects to ensure you make an informed decision.


EVER-POWER is a leading player in the vacuum pump market in China, offering a wide range of products, including screw vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, and rotating piston vacuum pumps. We are equipped with various automatic CNC production equipment and automatic assembly equipment to guarantee product quality, reasonable price, and considerate service.

Our Product Range

In addition to the screw vacuum pump, we also supply 2be series water ring vacuum pumps, 2bva series water ring vacuum pumps, rotary drilling rig oil cylinders, liquid (water) ring vacuum pumps, belt drive 2X rotary vane vacuum pumps, low-level steam jet vacuum pumps, water jet vacuum systems, and air-cooled Roots pumps. We welcome customers to customize their orders based on their needs.

Our Factory

Take a look at our factory where our products are manufactured:

Factory Image