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Вакуумные бустерные насосы Рутса высокой производительности для вакуумной дистилляции LC250 2.2KW

Как один из китайских производителей вакуумных насосов, поставщиков и экспортеров механической продукции, мы предлагаем китайские вакуумные насосы и многие другие продукты.

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Описание товара

Designed for high performance, the LC250 is a high capacity roots vacuum booster pump with an electric power source. It's perfect for a variety of applications including automotive industry, commercial buildings, district energy, industrial boilers, industrial utilities, irrigation and agriculture, machining, and the pharmaceutical industry. With an ultra-high pressure, it guarantees impressive performance in all settings.

Product Specifications

    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Customized support: OEM, ODM
    • Model Number: LC250

  • Application: Automotive Industry, Commercial Buildings, District Energy, Industrial Boilers, Industrial Utilities, Irrigation and Agriculture, Machining, Pharmaceutical industry
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Pressure: Ultra High Pressure
  • Structure: Other
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 2.2KW
  • Weight: 61KG
  • Noise: 70db
  • Motor power: 2.2KW
  • Air inlet connection: IS063
  • Exhaust connection: IS040
  • Speed: 2900rpm

Roots Vacuum Booster Pump in action

Unique Features and Advantages

Our LC250 Roots Vacuum Booster Pump outshines other vacuum pumps in the market with its superior features and advantages. It has a long service life of 5 years and boasts a low repair rate. It's also cost-effective as it reduces engineering investments by more than 60%. Additionally, it's easy to maintain and comes with low-cost accessories and consumables.

Application of the LC250 Roots Vacuum Booster Pump

The LC250 Roots Vacuum Booster Pump is perfect for use in various industries such as automotive, commercial buildings, district energy, industrial utilities, irrigation and agriculture, machining, and pharmaceuticals. It's an energy-saving machine that provides efficient service with reduced noise.


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