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Vendite calde Pompa di rilancio Roots 380/450V 2.2KW LC500

In qualità di uno dei produttori, fornitori ed esportatori di prodotti meccanici della Cina, offriamo pompe a vuoto cinesi e molti altri prodotti.

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Introducing the LC500 Roots Booster Pump, a top-selling product with essential features designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications. Manufactured with high precision, this booster pump provides ultra-high pressure, making it an ideal choice for diverse fields such as Automotive Industry, Commercial Buildings, District Energy, Industrial Boilers, Industrial Utilities, Irrigation and Agriculture, Machining, and the Pharmaceutical industry.

Product Specifications

    • Model Number: LC500
    • Power Source: Electric
    • Pressure: Ultra High Pressure
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Power: 2.2KW

  • Weight: 69KG
  • Noise: 70db
  • Motor power: 2.2KW
  • Air inlet connection: IS100
  • Exhaust connection: IS063
  • Speed: 2900rpm

The Roots Booster Pump also offers customizable support and comes with a one-year warranty.

Roots Booster Pump Usage

Advantages of LC500

DLT VACUUM PUMP Others Vacuum Pump
Service life over 10 years Service life around 5 years
Cost reduction up to 60% through domestic factory production High cost due to multiple dealer layers
Quality assurance through the use of German and Japanese testing instruments Use of ordinary domestic equipment
Simple maintenance and low-cost accessories Complicated setup and high-cost accessories
High efficiency and low noise High power consumption and loud noise


EVER-POWER is a leading force in China's vacuum pump market. Our product line includes Roots vacuum pumps, rotating piston vacuum pumps, vane vacuum pumps, and more. Our commitment to quality products, affordable prices, and excellent service sets us apart from the competition.

We also offer other products such as the 2be series water ring vacuum pump, 2bva series water ring vacuum pump, rotary drilling rig oil cylinder, liquid (water) ring vacuum pump, belt drive 2X rotary vane vacuum pump, low steam jet vacuum pump, water jet vacuum system, and air-cooled Roots pump. We welcome customers to customize their orders.