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500 m3/h LC500 Roots Vacuum Pump Booster uso in petrolio/ingegneria chimica/medicina/farmacia/alimentare/spinatura/quotidiano

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Introducing the LC500 Roots Vacuum Pump

Designed for use in a variety of industrial applications, the LC500 Roots Vacuum Pump boasts a high pumping speed of 500 to 600 m3/h. Powered by a 2.2KW motor, this pump is designed for high demand applications in the automotive industry, commercial buildings, district energy, industrial boilers, utilities, irrigation, agriculture, machining, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Product Specifications

Model Number LC500
Power Source Electric
Pressione Ultra High Pressure
Tensione 220-240/380-415V/460V
Potenza 2.2KW
Peso 69KG
Livello di rumore 70db
Air Inlet Connection IS100
Exhaust Connection IS063
Velocità 2900rpm
Garanzia 1 year

Unique Features and Benefits

The LC500 Roots Vacuum Pump is energy efficient, durable, and easy to maintain. It is designed to deliver high performance while reducing operational costs. With its high pumping speed, it ensures fast and efficient operation.

LC500 Roots Vacuum Pump in use

Choosing the Right Vacuum Pump

When choosing a Roots Vacuum Pump, it's important to consider factors such as the pump's pumping speed, motor power, voltage, pressure, and noise level. The LC500 Roots Vacuum Pump offers a powerful and energy efficient solution for a wide variety of applications.


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