Zpu Electric Oil Lubrication Pump

Zpu Electric Oil Lubrication Pump

ZPU electrical grease pump
 applicable to high lubricant frequency, dense lubrication points , is utilised to supply grease both in forty MPa pressure dual line and single line centralized lubrication program. Also relevant to reduced oil frequency, less lubrication details, big oil pump capability, easily to get rid of when fitted with wheel, tube, oil gun and wire.

CZPT Parameters

model stress circulation fee tank motor bodyweight
MPa ml/time L kw kg
ZPU-08G 40 133 40 .fifty five seventy six
ZPU-14G 233 sixty .seventy five eighty four
ZPU-24G 400 a hundred 1.5 ninety two

CZPTs: grease with penetration of no considerably less than 265 (25°C,150g) one/10mm  and lubricant oils with viscosity of no much less than N68.
Temperature: from -20°C to 80°C


Zpu Electric Oil Lubrication Pump


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