Zirconia Ceramic Pump for Cosmetic Application

Zirconia Ceramic Pump for Cosmetic Application

Zirconia Ceramic Pump for CZPT Software

   •The form and size CZPT according to your demands
   •Minimum filling quantity: .2ml
   •Maxmum filling quantity: 50ml
   •Filling precision: ≤0.5%
   •Extremely clean surface
   •Maintenance-totally free
   •Significantly extends lifestyle
   •Excellent wear and corrosion resistance
   •Superior mechanical toughness
   •Extremely hard
   •Abrasion resistant and resilient


Parameter 2ml 5ml 10ml 18ml 20ml 25ml
d1 twenty 20 28 31 34 37
d2 thirty thirty 30 33 36 39
d3 8.9 8.nine nine 10 ten 10
d4 30.5 30.five 34.5 37.five forty.five 43.5
L a hundred seventy five~225 a hundred ninety~250 190~248 a hundred ninety~248 a hundred ninety~248 a hundred ninety~248
Marks.: CZPTent shape & size can be produce according to your requirement

Topical and parenterals: inject in a position in vials, ampoule, syringes, enema.
Entrails: syrups, capsules, fall
—Liquid Foodstuff
Beer, beverage, dairy, wine, edible oil.
Perfumes, lotions, lotions, pastes, shampoo and make-up. 
—Other people
Ink, reagents, chemical compounds

Ceramic Pump VS Chromium Pump VS Glass Pump

Property Chromium pump Glass pump Ceramic Pump
Hardness(CZPT) five~seven eight~10 ≥13
Porosity one.five 5
Supreme ideal Temperature 300ºC 250ºC 1000ºC
Acid resistance No Yes Yes
Alkali resistance Of course No Indeed
Floor roughness ≥1.0μm ≥2.5μm ≤0.2μm
Lifespan(Ten thousand occasions) About three hundred About 50 ≥1000
Particle release Far more Most Handful of

CZPT packaging with foam in it

SS316L , Zirconium Oxide Ceramics,Alumina Oxide Ceramics.


Zirconia Ceramic Pump for Cosmetic Application

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