Zgzb Water Ring Vacuum Pump Liquid Vacuum Pumps

It is an successful and strength-saving merchandise created by our factory on the foundation of several several years of research results and manufacturing knowledge, combined with the advanced engineering of worldwide similar items. It is usually used to pump non-reliable particles, insoluble in h2o and non corrosive gas, so as to form vacuum and stress in a closed container. By shifting the result substance, it can also be utilized to pump corrosive gasoline and corrosive liquid as doing work fluid. It is commonly employed in papermaking, chemical industry, petrochemical, gentle sector, pharmaceutical, meals, metallurgy, creating components, stone tools, coal washing, mineral processing, chemical fertilizer and other industries. This series of pumps adopt the framework of single phase and solitary motion, which has the rewards of easy structure, handy upkeep, trustworthy operation, high effectiveness and strength preserving, and can adapt to the extreme problems of massive displacement and load influence fluctuation.

— 2BV, 2BE, 2SK, SK, SZ collection Liquid (drinking water) Ring Vacuum Pump
— Inner Rotor substantial viscosity Pump
— Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
— Roots Vacuum Pump & Unit
— XD series rotary vane vacuum pump
— WLW Vertical oil-free vacuum pump
— Dry Screw Vacuum Pump
— Pneumatic Clutch 

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