Yonjou Vacuum Pump for Air Circulation

Yonjou Vacuum Pump for Air Circulation

1. Effect instructure
two. Little quantity
three. Lower noise

Application: Air, Gas
Capability assortment: 1.35~108m3/min
Constrained vacuum variety: -98~5PA
Caliber selection: 10~300mm
Electricity-range: .37~185kW
Max medium temperature: 70° C
Materials: Forged iron, Aluminium alloy, CZPT steel

Using range:
Metallurgy, CZPT industry, CZPTtric and mild vacuum, Vacuum coating, Foods packaging, Medicing, CZPT, CZPTtronics, and so forth.

Merchandise Details:

product   Pumping pace (L/s) Restrict pressure (pa)  Power(kw)  Inlet  Weight
2XZ-.twenty five  0.twenty five  0.6  0.twelve  10  15
2XZ-.5  0.five .06  0.18  16  18
 2XZ-1  1  0.25  16  19
 2XZ-2  2  0.37  25  27
 2XZ-4  4  0.55  25  30
 2XZ-eight  8  1.one  32  35

Product XD-571 XD-571 XD-040 XD-063 XD-one hundred XD-160
Suction pace
ten twenty 40 63 one hundred 160
Restrict force
Motor powe
.37 .75 1.one 1.5 one.5 4
Rotary speed
1450 3000 1450 1450 1450 1450

Design Suction Pace Limit Strain Velocity Power Inlet Temperature
L/S Pa rpm kW mm degree centigrade
2X-fifteen fifteen <5 320 two.2 40 40
2X-25 25 320 three 50
2X-50 50 450 four 65
2X-seventy five 75 420 five.five 80

Firm Info:
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Yonjou Vacuum Pump for Air Circulation

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