Ycy14-1b Custom Solutions Available Series Axial Piston Pump

Ycy14-1b  Custom Solutions Available Series Axial Piston Pump

YCY14-1B collection axialAdditionally, all our production techniques are in compliance with ISO9002 expectations. car variable piston pump and motor

Substantial efficiency
Beneath the circumstances of strain sixteen MPa (2320 PSI) and speed 1500 r/min, the volumetric effectiveness is in excess of ninety eight% and the all round performance is more than ninety%.
Accomplishment of strength-conserving
Simply because the all round effectiveness is high and the lower-off characteristics is sharp, as a result the enter electrical power may be saved.
Minimal heat technology
Because of tiny power decline, it is attainable to lessen the rise in oil temperature. Appropriately, capacity of a reservoir can be lowered.
specialized info

Design Code one.25 2.five 5 10 twenty five 40 sixty three eighty 160 250
Charge Strain (MPa) 31.five
Displacement (ml/r) one.74 two.64 5.five ten.9 26.two 40.3 sixty three 80.36 170.three 253.seven
Displacement at 1000rpm (L/min) 1.74 two.five 5 10 25 forty 63 eighty a hundred and sixty 253.seven
Rate Pace (r/min) 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 a thousand a thousand
Torque (Nm) 8.8 thirteen.four 28 55.5 133.four 205.2 320.9 409.3 867.three 1292.one
Driving Electrical power at 31.5MPa and 1000rpm (kw) .9 one.four 2.9 five.7 13.seven 21.1 32.9 42 89 132.seven
Variable Kind MCY Set
SCY Manual Variable
YCY Auto-variable
PCY Constant Power
SCY14-1B Fat (kg) four.five 4.5 6 19 35 40 sixty three sixty five 128 227

Ycy14-1b Personalized Options Obtainable Collection Axial Piston Pump