Xd Series Single Stage Monoblock Vacuum Pump

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1. Brief introduction of XD Collection One Phase Monoblock Vacuum Pump
 XD vacuum pump is a solitary phase mono-block pump, this collection vacuum pump is to suck or compress air from or to container. Application is air and any other gasoline which is non-corrosive, insoluble in drinking water and without solids. Air or fuel contains a small sum of liquid is allowed. This is the most common rotary vane type vacuum pump.

two. Structural traits of XD Series Solitary Stage Monoblock Vacuum Pump
     XD vacuum pump can be cooled by air. With oil-return resistant composition, the pump oil is stored from returning to the sucking system. A gas-draining filter set in the pump, which operates stable with tiny vibration can efficiently remove the oil mist, and can run underneath any strain. It is utilized to several sectors these kinds of as foods vacuum packing, pharmaceutical, paper, printing equipment, glass, vacuum clamps, industrial conveyor, drying market and other models.

3. The Application of 2CY Equipment Pump

    1, The application of vacuum pump in the electrical power market: condenser vacuum, vacuum drinking water absorption, flue gasoline desulfurization, fly ash transportation, turbine private seal pipe exhaust, vacuum exhaust, exhaust gasoline.

     2. Applications of vacuum pump in the petrochemical market: fuel restoration, hazard fuel restoration, gasoline boost, increased oil recovery, gas collection, crude oil stabilization, crude oil vacuum distillation, exhaust compression, steam recovery / gas boost, filtration / wax elimination, tail gas restoration, polyester manufacturing, PVC generation, chlorine fuel packaging, and circulating gas Compression, strain swing adsorption (PSA), liquid chlorine generation, compression of inflammable and explosive gases this sort of as acetylene and hydrogen, vacuum distillation of crude oil distillation, vacuum crystallization and drying, vacuum filtration, and vacuum transport of numerous components.

   3. Apps of vacuum pump in the pharmaceutical industry: drying (pallets, rotations, flipping, conical and frozen dryers), replica / reactor drying, distillation, degassing, crystallization / vaporization, injection and / or material transfer.

    four. Software in pulp and paper generation: black liquor evaporation, coarse sizing equipment, lime mud and filter, precipitate filter, vacuum dehydrator, raw materials and white water degassing program, pulping box compressor, suction tank, volt roll, suction roll and transfer roller, vacuum push, wool tank suction tank and blow box.

    five, Application of vacuum pump in plastics sector: extruder degassing, setting table (part), EPS foaming, drying, pneumatic conveying unit, fuel extraction and compression of vinyl chloride.

    6, the application of vacuum pump in the environmental protection market: wastewater remedy, biogas compression, vacuum drinking water addition, wastewater purification / activated sludge tank oxidation, fish pond air flow, garbage generation gas restoration (bio gasoline), biogas restoration (biogas), squander disposal equipment.

    seven, the software of vacuum pump in the foodstuff and beverage business: Salmon cleansing equipment, mineral h2o degassing, salad oil and body fat deodorization, tea and seasoning sterilization, sausage ham creation, and tobacco products wetting.


4. Major Parameters:

Design XD-010 XD-020 XD-030 XD-040 XD-063 XD-one hundred XD-160 XD-250
Pumping capacity(mthree/h) 10 twenty 30 forty 63 100 160 250
Supreme vacuum strain (Pa) two hundred two hundred 200 two hundred two hundred 200 two hundred two hundred
Motor energy(KW) .37 .9(220V) .9(220V) one.1 one.five three four 7.5
.75(380) .seventy five(380V)
Pace(r/min) 1440 2800 1440 1440 1440 1440 1440 1440
Oil intake amount(L) .five .5 1 1.five 2 four nine 9
Voltage(V) 220/380 220/380 220/380 220/380 380 380 380 380
Inlet(Inch) G one/two” G one/two” G 1 one/four” G 1 one/four” G 1 one/four” G 1 1/4″ G 2″ G 2 one/two”
Excess weight(kg) sixteen 19 29 sixty five sixty two 115 two hundred 200

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