Xbd – Gdl Dl Vertical Multistage Fire Pump

Xbd - Gdl   Dl Vertical Multistage Fire Pump

Solution overview
The self-priming pump established and non-clogged sewage into an natural and organic whole, the axial back mixing kind, and by way of the exclusive style of the pump entire body, impeller circulation channel can be like common self-priming centrifugal pump.

Not only do not require to set up the base valve and irrigation water diversion, but also  inhale row that contains massive granular sound and liquid lengthy fiber impurities.

Product attributes
XBD self-priming fire pump is according to the regulation of our place hearth rules and all types of different requirements of users, on its very own research and growth of electromechanical integration gear.
one,Product innovative, advanced, practical, simplify the design of pump space amongst can modify amongst underground pump property to the floor, convenient construction, save the expenditure
two,Can use outside pool also meet up with the use needs
three,Use of self-priming purpose can do fire pool depth to 6 m, so that under the identical volume, the pool of the occupation of land location is a lot more compact than the CZPT, saving land, convenient design, lower expense, also can drastically conserve the expenditure
four,Can perform below the condition of unfavorable amount, timely meet the needs of the fireplace
5,Self-priming fire pump drinking water well timed, timely reduction hearth
six,Have close and reputable computerized circuit detection operate, make the unit below CZPT fire at common times, once need to be in a position to get quick water provide, into the hearth

Main function
Can be widely used in municipal drainage venture, analyzed the breeding, light-weight market, papermaking, textile, foods, chemical, electric energy, chemical media these kinds of as fiber, paste and mixed suspension is the most best impurity pump.

Model Table

Model Capacity Head Rotation
Frequency Power Efficiency Impeller 
Shaft Inlet Outlet
m3/h L/s m r/min hz kw % mm mm mm
DA50/20 18.0  five.00  15.3 1450 50 1.27  fifty nine 214 sixty five fifty
30.0  8.33  13.three 1.67  65
36.0  ten.00  eleven.eight one.86  sixty two
36.0  10.00  sixty two. 2900 fifty ten.48  58
sixty.0  sixteen.67  fifty six. 13.07  70
72.0  twenty.00  fifty one. fourteen.70  sixty eight
eighteen.0  6.03  22.3 1750 sixty one.85  fifty nine
30.0  ten.05  19.four two.43  sixty five
36.0  12.06  seventeen.two 2.72  62
forty three.5  12.07  90.3 3500 60 18.42  fifty eight
72.4  twenty.12  81.6 22.98  70
86.9  24.14  seventy four.three twenty five.85  68
DA50/20A seventeen.2  4.79  14. 1450 50 one.15  fifty seven.five 205 65 50
28.7  seven.98  twelve. one.45  sixty four.five
34.5  nine.58  10.6 one.63  sixty one
34.5  9.58  56.3 2900 fifty 8.81  60
57.5  fifteen.97  fifty.3 eleven.53  sixty eight.three
69.0  19.16  forty four.7 twelve.82  sixty five.5
seventeen.2  five.78  20.five 1750 60 one.67  fifty seven.five
28.7  nine.63  seventeen.five 2.12  sixty four.five
34.5  11.56  15.four 2.38  sixty one
41.6  eleven.56  82. 3500 sixty fifteen.49  sixty
sixty nine.4  19.27  seventy three.three 20.26  68.three
eighty three.3  23.13  65.1 22.53  sixty five.5
DA50/20B sixteen.4  four.55  twelve.5 1450 fifty 1.02  54.5 195 65 fifty
27.3  seven.59  10.7 one.26  sixty three
32.8  nine.11  9.four one.40  sixty
32.8  9.11  fifty one.three 2900 fifty seven.77  fifty nine
54.7  15.19  44.seven ten.01  66.5
sixty five.6  eighteen.23  forty. 11.16  64
16.4  five.50  eighteen.two 1750 sixty 1.49  fifty four.five
27.3  nine.16  15.six one.84  63
32.8  10.99  13.7 two.04  sixty
39.6  11.00  seventy four.7 3500 sixty 13.65  fifty nine
66.0  18.33  65.1 17.59  66.5
79.2  22.00  58.three 19.63  sixty four
DA50/20C fifteen.6  4.32  11.1 1450 fifty .90  52 185 sixty five fifty
25.9  seven.20  9.6 1.11  sixty one.five
31.1  8.64  8.2 1.19  58.5
31.1  eight.65  forty six.2 2900 50 six.75  58
51.9  14.41  40.two eight.67  sixty five.5
62.3  17.29  35.4 nine.68  sixty two
fifteen.6  5.21  sixteen.two 1750 sixty one.32  52
twenty five.9  8.69  fourteen. 1.61  61.5
31.1  ten.43  eleven.nine one.73  58.five
37.6  10.44  67.3 3500 60 11.86  58
62.6  17.39  fifty eight.6 fifteen.25  sixty five.five
seventy five.1  20.87  fifty one.six seventeen.01  62
DA50/20D fourteen.7  four.09  nine.eight 1450 fifty .76  51.five 175 65 50
24.5  6.81  eight.three .95  58.five
29.4  8.17  7.two 1.05  55
29.4  eight.18  forty one.3 2900 fifty 5.86  fifty six.5
forty nine.1  13.63  36.2 7.56  sixty four
58.9  16.36  31.four eight.60  58.5
fourteen.7  4.93  14.3 1750 sixty 1.11  51.five
24.5  eight.22  12.1 one.38  fifty eight.five
29.4  nine.87  10.five 1.53  55
35.5  9.87  60.two 3500 sixty ten.30  fifty six.5
59.2  sixteen.45  fifty two.seven 13.28  64
71.1  19.74  45.7 fifteen.13  fifty eight.5
DA50/20E 13.9  three.85  eight.six 1450 fifty .66  49 165 sixty five 50
23.1  six.42  7.one .81  55
27.7  seven.71  5.9 .86  fifty two
27.8  seven.71  36.7 2900 50 5.14  54
46.3  12.85  32.2 6.76  sixty
fifty five.5  fifteen.42  27.five 7.42  56
thirteen.9  4.65  12.five 1750 60 .97  49
23.1  seven.75  10.three 1.18  fifty five
27.7  nine.30  eight.six one.25  52
33.5  9.31  53.5 3500 60 nine.04  fifty four
55.8  fifteen.51  46.nine eleven.88  60
sixty seven.0  eighteen.61  forty.1 13.05  56

The Service
1.Shipping and delivery: Delivery time will be on time as the contact. Usually, the shipping and delivery time is of centrifugal pump is for 15-25 doing work times.
two.Warranty: 1 year for the pump human body, 3 months for the main working elements.
3.Package:In accordance to your quantity, we use plywood scenario which is resilient for ocean transportation.
4.CZPT: By Sea and By Air
5.Payment: We are take T/T,L/C,West CZPT and so on.
six.Pre-income Provider:According to your need, we will give your our profession advice of pump resolution. 
seven.On-revenue Service:We will plainly show you every little thing in truth when you area an purchase with us. We will requires pictures or movies to show you get generation predicament.
eight.Soon after-revenue Provider: We will total report you the creation progress and program. Meanwhile, we will comply with up the pump working situations for each three months when the pumps set into use, and can send out the spare elements to you inside one particular week if you need. 

Framework and Functioning basic principle

XBD – Z sequence self-priming hearth pump, mainly composed of pump body, impeller, back again protect, pump shaft, bearing, mechanical seal tube inlet valve, fuel/liquid separation, h2o valves, into, row of nozzles.The construction of the pump is revealed in determine
The doing work principle of pump: the pump body is geared up with liquid storage chamber, and via the cycle of the drain holes and the over gap and pump operating chamber are interlinked, represent the axial circulation pump outer recirculation system.Pump cease working soon after pump inner cavity has a certain quantity of liquid storage.When the pump begins, below the motion of reservoir in the pump impeller, the air entrainment was thrown up, liquid by means of the grid function again into the cavity of the gas-liquid separation pipe, make the pump in a certain diploma of vacuum, attain the influence of imbibition.

Set up requirements

one, just before set up shall carefully check out the pump physique abortion in existence of rigid objects, to steer clear of harm to the impeller and the pump body when running.
2, put in piping amount are not authorized to insert on the pump, lest make pump deformation, affect the normal procedure.
3, tighten the anchor bolts, lest begin when the vibration effect on pump performance.
4, on the street at the inlet and outlet pipe of pump installation regulator, set up in close proximity to the pump outlet force gauge, to handle the operation of the pump in rated problems, to make sure the regular use of the pump.
5, discharge line this sort of as non-return valve must be set up outdoors the gate.
six, pump installed set up is divided into rigid link and adaptable relationship.

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Xbd - Gdl   Dl Vertical Multistage Fire Pump