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What Is Meant By Screw Compressor?

A screw compressor is basically a rotary screw compressor, which compresses the air due to screw function. It can supply compressed air continuously with minimum changes in delivery pressure.

Generally, a screw compressor is one type of gas compressor which functions on the mechanism of rotary type positive displacement vacuum pumps. A screw compressor mainly uses as a substitute for a piston compressor where a larger volume of high-pressure air is required.

Oil injected screw compressor is fit for the various industries.

In an oil-injected screw compressor, lubricating oil connects the space between the driving and driven rotor. When the air enters the system at the intake side of the air end and shifts to the rotor vanes as the screw rotor starts rotating.

The inter-twined rotors push the air and oil to the air and which finally exits at the end of the screw. Then the oil and air go under a separate process. The cooled air routes to airlines and a receiver. And the cooled oil filtered and routed back into the air end in a closed system.

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