Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Sundream submersible dredge pumps with agitator are additional large obligation submersible slurry pumps. They have been made for pumping sand, gravel and rock notably in mining and dredging business. It is a pump and an excavator at the very same time.

The design incorporates the renowned patented Sundream agitator, hooked up straight on the pump shaft, closed impeller, big open up passages for easy passage of solids, hefty duty shaft and bearing configuraton, specific seals functioning in an oil tub and 4, 6, 8 or 10 pole customs built electric motor.
The impeller, the use plates and the agitator are produced in solid chrome iron (24 to 28%).  

·Type: ·Media: ·Application:
centrifugal slurry,sand, gravel,rock  mining and dredging business
·Other characteristics: ·Flow charge: ·Head
Single-phase Min.:0m3/h Min.: 0m
  Max.: 2400m3/h Max.: 78m

one. Functions

Submersible operate with out impact of suction head
No assistant vacuum pump, help save make investments
No sounds, preserve the silence of function station
With agitator, no require added stirring gadgets, a lot more convenience for operating
It want not construct pump house.
Immediately function on the surface of slurry, with greater performance to provide slurry.

two. Software

Transfer of waste water, effluent and solids laden h2o for
H2o Remedy
Creating Providers
Sumps and Basements
Civil Building

3. Efficiency curve

4. Sectional drawing 



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