Vertical 50L Circulating Water Vacuum Pump with Anti-Corrosion Material

Vertical 50L circulating h2o vacuum pump with anti-corrosion substance

Referring to the layout of Japanese desktop pump, the chemical drinking water faucet vacuum pump for autoclave is remodeled the h2o cycle vacuum pump to a smaller and lighter pump, fitting for tiny-measurement lab. The new desktop h2o cycle vacuum pump SHZ-D(III) is a multifunctional pump in excellent shape, with double vacuum meters and faucets or four meters and faucets.




Application discipline of chemical water tap vacuum pump for autoclave

chemical h2o faucet vacuum pump for autoclave is the greatest choice to support the lab rotary evaporator to comprehensive the total evaporation process effectively. 

Functions of chemical drinking water tap vacuum pump for autoclave

– Outfitted with double vacuum meters and faucets, two faucets can use separately or together

– New enhanced anti-corrosion 4 meters and faucets, 4 taps can use independently or collectively

– Anti-corrosion substance utilized for pump

– Anti-corrosion, atmosphere-helpful, sound-totally free and straightforward-to-move.

– Can be equipped with vacuum regulating valve as needed by clients. 

Technological requirements of chemical water tap vacuum pump for autoclave

Product SHZ-95B
Circulation(L/min) eighty
Lift(m) twelve
Energy(w) 370
Extraction gasoline potential for every faucet(L/min) 10
Water storage capability (L) 50
Vacuum diploma (MPa) -.098
Electrical power source 220V, 50Hz
Faucets One meter with five taps
Material Anti-corrosive material

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Details of chemical drinking water tap vacuum pump for autoclave:

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