Vacuum Oil-Free High Speed Molecular Pump for Vacuum Equipment Machinery

Molecular Vacuum Pump
The molecular pump is a variety of vacuum pump that utilizes a high-velocity rotating rotor to transfer momentum to gas molecules to obtain directional pace, so as to be compressed and pushed to the exhaust port for the front phase. The molecular pump will take a extended time to commence. The molecular pump cannot perform independently, it needs to be outfitted with a foreline pump, and normally use a rotary vane pump as the foreline pump


Product CXF-two hundred/1401 CXF-250/2301 CXF-320/3001 CXF-two hundred/1400 CXF-250/2300 CXF-320/3000
Pump Pace(L/s) 1400 2200 3200 1400 2300 3000
Compression Ratio(N2) >1×107 >1×107 >1×108
Final Vacuum(Pa) ≤2×10-6 ≤2×10-seven ≤2×10-seven ≤2×10-six ≤2×10-seven ≤2×10-7
Inlet Flange DN200 ISO K(LF)
DN320 ISO F DN200 LF
DN200 CF
DN250 LF
DN250 CF
ISO-F 320
DN320 LF
Outlet Flange KF  forty KF  40 KF  40 KF40 KF40 KF40
Rotation Speed(rpm) 33000 30000 24000 30000
Tun-up(min) six eight 12 eleven eleven twelve
VIB(μm) <0.05 <0.05 <0.05 <0.05 <0.05 <0.05
Backing Pump(L/s) 15 fifteen fifteen fifteen fifteen fifteen
Mounting ro ientation Any Any Any Any Any Any
Cooling method H2o H2o Drinking water Drinking water H2o Water
Excess weight(kg) 51 58 75 forty seven fifty eight 70


Model FF-forty/25 FF-sixty three/eighty FF-100/one hundred fifty
Pumping Speed (L./S) 22 Ar 62 one hundred forty
Inlet flange DN 40 kF LF sixty three(DN) DN100 LF
CF63(DN) DN100 CF
Exhaust flange KF16(DN) DF 16(DN) KF 25(DN)
Compression ratio N2:106 N2:>1×103 N2:107
Hε:6×1012 Hε:>2×105 Hε:1×104
Ultimate pressure (Pa) ≤1×10-four <3×10-4  LF623 <2×10-6(DN100 LF)
<5×10-7  CF623 ≤2×10-7(DN100 CF)
Suggested pneumatic strain (Pa) <100 <50 <100
Rated velocity (rpm) 36000 72000 51000
beginning time(min) <2.0 2. <2.0
Bearing Precision grease lubricated
ceramic bearings
Precision grease lubricated
ceramic bearings
Precision grease lubricated
ceramic bearings
Vibration benefit (μm) ≤0.05 ≤0.05 ≤0.05
Advisable foreline pump (L / S) .5-1 .five-2 one-two
cooling technique forced air cooling compelled air cooling compelled air cooling
h2o-cooling water-cooling
Pump human body baking temperature ºC ≤80 ≤100 ≤100
Ambient temperature ºC 50-40 five-40
Lubrication approach Grease lubrication Grease lubrication Grease lubrication
Set up path Any route angle Any direction angle Any route angle
Weight(kg) three 2.6-three.5 six-8.six

Functionality qualities:
one. High cleanliness, upkeep-free, minimal vibration, installation at any angle
2. Five-axis magnetic levitation bearing and adjustable speed. Rotor operation checking and computerized stability, electrical power failure automated defense, temperature administration system
3. Anti-corrosion, minimal sound, energy conserving, smaller sized size and lighter fat

Application fieldsilicon etching,ion implantation,glass coating ,PVD coation,scientific investigation apps,surface area examination,accelerator,solar power,heat therapy.

Q:How do you satisfy the quality warranty?
A:  Brand new equipment can be supplied if good quality dilemma occurred,beneath appropriate operation,in12months since cargo gained.

Q:exactly where can we acquire the spare kits?
A:The bundle normally includes a normal fixing kits of straightforward-worn parts.Also stock in available for effortless-worn parts,it can be transported in 3 days once ask for received.Also you can get in touch with to ask info of nearby vendor.

Q:Can I add or delete things on get if I alter my brain?
A:Sure,get in touch with us to negotiate depth you should.

Q:Our plan calls for all imported picket do fumigation,are you in a position to supply Fumigation Certificates?
A:Export regular wooden scenario is adopted for bundle.It`s made yo polywood,currently being fumigation free.

Q:Are your ready to provide Certification of Origin?
A:Indeed,it can be offered in 5 working times because cargo shipped.

Q:I do not know which product suits us,are you in a position recommend?
A:Definitely,we have skilled engineer group with adequate encounter to provide tailored remedy.Contact to inform us the utilized industry and working issue,aprofessional proposal will be given in 24hours.

Q:I have urgent request,and cannot wait around for the presented guide time,what can you assistance?
A:Make contact with to notify us your predicted lead time.Our operators will coordinate to guarantee your products delivered as for each your want.

Q:I by no means imported prior to,what should I do to import it? Can you supply corresponding services?
A:We cooperate with skilled logistics support business,and can support to supply the pump to your pointed warehouse such as customs clearance ai vacation spot.You require do absolutely nothing for your equipment`s arrival following payment.



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