Triplex Plunger Pump From China

Triplex Plunger Pump From China

As a CZPT petroleum equipment provider, SERVA developsthe technological innovation of not only the products but also the plunger pump.
Now SJS can solution four kind of the plunger pump, which are the mainstream pump in the cementing, fracture, sanding, & acid well services.
SJS pump is a CZPT pump, which the overall performance and the quality is in the maximum flight in the globe and nearly identical as Hallibur­ton, SPM, GD.
SJS can item four hundred sets plunger pump per one particular yr. And most of them is utilized in overseas.
SJS is a major manufacture foundation in the globe.

SERVA TPH 400 triplex plunger pumps are good for substantial-strain properly support. Each and every pump is equipped with an integral equipment reduction box. It is made to pump cement slurries, sand-laden fluids, crude oil, acids, mud and other oil well servicing fluids.

Equipment practice: steel worm and bronze ring 
Crankshaft: cast steel, 4 principal bearings
Connecting rods: solid aluminum, break up caps Insert bearings
Crossheads: solid metal
Pump electrical power frame: higher-energy steel weldment
Bearing variety: roller
Oil system: oil pump driven by worm (std) or remote
Oil filter: Replaceable aspects and magnetic strainer


    Greatest enter horsepower

    600 BHP

    Greatest rod load

    175,800 lbs

    Stroke size


    Gear ratio


    Approx. duration

    seventy seven.seventy five” (one,975mm)

    Approx. width

    38.forty three” (976mm)

    Approx. top

    forty five.fifty one” (one,156mm)

    Approx. weight,dry

    6,417 lbs

    Triplex Plunger Pump From China