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Sz Series Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Thank you for you interest in our pumps, follow is short introduction of this prodcut,welcome to contact us for any other complex details or newest price tag.

1. Quick introduction of SZ collection h2o ring vacuum pump 
       SZ h2o ring vacuum pump is usually utilised to pump/compress air or other fuel (with little liquid is permitted) that is non-corrosive, insoluble in drinking water and without solid. The water inputted into the pump revolve with large velocity, to type stress and shut drinking water cavity to just take away air from container in suction conclude. So air need to be insoluble. Pump is with substantial vacuum diploma and high efficiency. It really is widely used in machinery, petrochemical engineering, pharmacy, meals, sugar sector and electrical business. Simply because the fuel is isothermal in compressing, pump is even safer when pump-ing inflammable or explosive gasoline.

two.  The Application of SZ sequence drinking water ring vacuum pump

    1, The software of vacuum pump in the electricity business: condenser vacuum, vacuum h2o absorption, flue gas desulfurization, fly ash transport, turbine confidential seal pipe exhaust, vacuum exhaust, exhaust gasoline.
     2. Purposes of vacuum pump in the petrochemical industry: fuel restoration, hazard gas restoration, gas improve, improved oil recovery, gas selection, crude oil stabilization, crude oil vacuum distillation, exhaust compression, steam recovery / fuel improve, filtration / wax removing, tail fuel recovery, polyester generation, PVC generation, chlorine fuel packaging, and circulating gas Compression, force swing adsorption (PSA), liquid chlorine production, compression of inflammable and explosive gases these kinds of as acetylene and hydrogen, vacuum distillation of crude oil distillation, vacuum crystallization and drying, vacuum filtration, and vacuum transportation of a variety of resources.
   3. Purposes of vacuum pump in the pharmaceutical sector: drying (pallets, rotations, flipping, conical and frozen dryers), replica / reactor drying, distillation, degassing, crystallization / vaporization, injection and / or content transfer.
    4. Software in pulp and paper production: black liquor evaporation, coarse sizing machine, lime mud and filter, precipitate filter, vacuum dehydrator, raw substance and white water degassing system, pulping box compressor, suction tank, volt roll, suction roll and transfer roller, vacuum push, wool tank suction tank and blow box.
    five, Application of vacuum pump in plastics market: extruder degassing, environment desk (section), EPS foaming, drying, pneumatic conveying device, gasoline extraction and compression of vinyl chloride.
    six, the software of vacuum pump in the environmental safety sector: wastewater treatment, biogas compression, vacuum water addition, wastewater purification / activated sludge tank oxidation, fish pond ventilation, rubbish technology gasoline recovery (bio gas), biogas recovery (biogas), waste disposal device.
    seven, the application of vacuum pump in the foodstuff and beverage sector: Salmon cleansing equipment, mineral h2o degassing, salad oil and fat deodorization, tea and seasoning sterilization, sausage ham creation, and tobacco merchandise wetting.


three. Principal Parameters of SZ collection h2o ring vacuum pump:

four.  Products Selection of SZ collection h2o ring vacuum pump:

Product Max. inspiratory
of vacuum
When the
vacuum is (%)
% 40% 60% eighty% 90%
SZ-one one.5 .sixty four .four .twelve
SZ-two 3.4 1.65 .ninety five .twenty five
SZ-3 eleven.five six.eight 3.six 1.five .5
SZ-4 27 17.six 11 three one

five.  About our Merchandise: