Suncenter Hydraulic Test Chemical Liquid Booster Pump Hose Pipe Tube Cylinder

Suncenter Hydraulic Test Chemical Liquid Booster Pump Hose Pipe Tube Cylinder

CZPT CZPT Take a look at CZPT Liquid Booster Pump Hose/Pipe/Tube/Cylinder

CZPT pumps are air driven at a push air force of 1bar to 8bar (fourteen.5 psi to116 psi) by the typical air compressor. Essentially the principle of procedure is comparable to a reciprocating amplifier in which control of the piston at the finish situation is controlled by a pilot operated 4/two way valve.

CZPT pumps characteristic a large air piston joint to a smaller diameter plunger. The force ratio is the variation of these two places and is the approach of identifying greatest outlet pressure. Larger pressures obtained by utilizing larger force ratios.CZPT model figures reflect the pumps nominal pressure ratios, even though the technological info implies exact ratios. The outlet strain is easily to set by way of a easy air regulator. By multiplying the force ratio by the available shop air stress, the nominal liquid stress can be calculated.

CZPT pumps are self priming. In general it is not needed to use an air line lubricator.
The liquid to be pumped flows into the suction chamber by the up-stroke of the generate piston. By this suction impact, the inlet check valve is opened and the outlet examine valve is shut. The down-stroke generates the stress at the liquid facet. The inlet examine valve is shut and the outlet check out valve is opened by the generated force. CZPT liquid pumps cycle instantly, in which the stress is created up the quantities of cycles gradual down, the pump stops routinely when the output stress forces are equivalent. The pump restarts with a slight drop in the outlet stress or an enhance in the air drive strain. Pump performance can be affected by a quantity of problems, this kind of as freezing of muffler or pilot valves (which is triggered by moisture in air strains), inadequate inlet air line dimensions and soiled filers. Never lessen the indicated port sizes and seek the advice of CZPT for precise circulation situations not revealed in charts.

Programs contain:

  1.  Pressure testing
  2.  Burst(Hydrostatic) tests
  3.  Work holding/electrical power clamping
  4.  Jacking/lifting
  5.  Valve actuator control
  6.  CZPT cylinder actuation
  7.  Press basic safety overload devices
  8.  Roller tensioning
  9.  Metering
  10.  Precision lubrication and spraying
  11.  Liquefied gasoline transfer

Important characteristics incorporate:

  1. Compressed Air pushed – no electrical energy needed (connect to normal air compressor)
  2. In order to prolong the lifetime of the pump, the driving air force ought to

not be higher than eight bar

  1. No airline lubricator essential
  2. Pressures to 640Mpa (6400 bar) 
  3. Vast range of versions with diverse ratios
  4. Constructed-in-cooling on most models
  5. Effortless to set up, work and maintain
  6. Greatest price / efficiency ratio
  7. No warmth, flame or spark risk and explosion proof
  8. CZPT force holding, whatever the lead to of the pressure fall, the CZPT   pump will immediately start off, maintain the loop force consistent

In order to lengthen the lifetime of the pump, the driving air strain must not be greater than eight bar

DGGD Sequence Liquid Pumps(Double acting, solitary air push head)
They are characterized by the exact same features as the DGG pumps solitary acting, one air drive head types,
but they have less pulsations and deliver approx. 50 % much more stream.

CZPT specification

Product Pressure  Enhance Ratio CZPTn air pressure PL Method to determine outlet force MAX Outlet
Liquid inlet Connection Liquid outlet Connection MAX Circulation (L/min)**
DGGD4 four:one two-eight bar 4XPL 32 NPT1/two NPT1/two 70.00
DGGD6 six:1 two-8 bar 6XPL forty eight NPT1/two NPT1/2 forty eight.sixty
DGGD10 10:1 2-8 bar 10XPL 80 NPT1/two NPT1/2 30.61
DGGD16 sixteen:1 2-eight bar 16XPL 128 NPT1/two NPT1/two 19.73
DGGD28 28:one 2-8 bar 28XPL 224 NPT1/two NPT1/two 11.30
DGGD40 forty:1 2-8 bar 40XPL 320 NPT1/two NPT3/eight seven.sixty nine
DGGD64 sixty four:1 2-eight bar 64XPL 512 NPT1/two NPT3/8 4.94
DGGD80 80:1 two-8 bar 80XPL 640 NPT1/2 NPT3/eight 3.96
DGGD100 one hundred:one two-eight bar 100XPL 800 NPT1/2 NPT3/8 three.13
DGGD130 one hundred thirty:1 2-8 bar 130XPL 1040 NPT1/two M14*one.five 2.forty
DGGD175 one hundred seventy five:one 2-eight bar 175XPL 1400 NPT3/8 M14*1.five 1.81
DGGD255 255:1 2-eight bar 255XPL 2040 NPT1/4 M14*one.five one.23
DGGD400 400:one 2-8 bar 400XPL 3200 NPT1/4 M14*one.5 .79

The outlet liquid force=CZPTn air strain*boost ratio
In order to lengthen the life span of the pump, the driving air stress must not be higher than eight bar

CZPT Co., Ltd is the member business of CZPT Team, which is positioned in HangZhou town of ZheJiang province in China. With a lot more than 15 many years experiences in fluid strain trade and managing discipline, we provide different types of pneumatic and hydraulic booster pumps, programs and solutions to the customers all above the entire world. Because of to our ideal solution good quality, competitive price as effectively as exceptional right after-income provider, we have earn a great track record in the area.
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Substantial Strain Take a look at CZPT(CZPT/Burst/Hydrostatic check equipment,Cylinder test machine,
Valve examination bench,Impulse Screening CZPT, and many others.)
Item Software
Oil Market, Gasoline Industry, CZPT Sector, Fireplace Fighting, Analysis Establishments and many others.
Our service
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Suncenter Hydraulic Test Chemical Liquid Booster Pump Hose Pipe Tube Cylinder


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