Stainless Steel Air Double Vacuum Membrane Slurry Pump

Stainless Metal Air Double Vacuum Membrane Slurry Pump

The diaphragm pump is driven by air. The inlet&outlet dimension is 40mm. Since the pump is utilised to transfer meals quality liquid, so the pump substance is stainlss steel .The Stainless Metal is not only employed for food quality industrial, but also broadly utilized to chemical industrial,Primarily to sewage

1. The air diaphragm pump has the perform of self priming without rotating elements. It can attain dry priming and soaked priming, which self -priming top is 5m and 8m respectively.
two. With sectional kind composition, this self -priming pump can be utilized for conveying two various liquid by double diaphragm.

3. Our pump can be used directly as a submersible pump, it makes use of air as the power source, and does not have the leakage and other protection dangers. This diaphragm pump has reduced price than submersible pump which is caused by the routine maintenance of motor.

four. Pumps provide stall-totally free, ice-free of charge procedure.
5. Bolt joint design supplies even sealing strain for best efficiency.
6. Diaphragm,ball and ball seat adopt imported supplies with longer services lifestyle.
7. Because of to their pneumatic motor, they could be employed in potentially explosive locations.
eight. Can pump corrosive , unstable, flammable, toxic fluids with particles and high viscosity.

Technological Parameters

Model  QBK-40
Inlet/outlet Dia. mm 40
inch 1 1/two
Max. Flow  m3/h 21.forty eight
L/min 358
Head m -84
Max.Suction stroke m 8
Max. Particle Dia. mm five
Max. Air Supply Pressure kg/cm2 eight.4
Max. Air Use m3/min two.24

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