Spp Stainless Steel Engineering Plastics Material Super High Efficiency Vacuum Self-Priming Liquid Ring Pump

Spp Stainless Steel Engineering Plastics Material Super High Efficiency Vacuum Self-Priming Liquid Ring Pump

SPP tremendous substantial efficiency vacuum self-priming pump is an CZPT multi-function special pump, which is primarily composed of pump human body, pump include, rotor assembly and electricity components. The rotor assembly is installed in the pump chamber composed of pump body and pump cover.
The energy part drives the rotor assembly to rotate, and the rotor assembly rotates in the pump chamber to create a volume change of the seal cavity, and then the vacuum is speedily created to suck the liquids.
The rewards are that the suction is super robust, the water take a look at suction top is up to 8.two meters, which is considerably larger than the other self-priming pump’s three~four meters suction variety the liquid viscosity assortment is extensive, could be used for the unstable solvent, high viscosity oil glue and chemical uncooked components etc. the barrel and filling liquid can be pumped and absotbed up,A the diploma of clear is greater than that of the vacuum unit. And the medium of CZPT barrel can be sucked up inside 1 CZPT following emptying medium of 1st barrel the self-priming time is very quick,3m/2sec, even though other self-priming pumps are more than 3m/180sec powerful anti-cavitation performance, can perform with strain, which is the answer for reactor pump materials (feeding and discharging). The utility model has the advantages of easy structure, couple of elements, easy installation, simple maintenance and lengthy provider daily life.


•   Various lower certain gravity, risky solvent answer extraction and transportation The barreled liquid is pumped and transported, and absorbed up(instead of the drum pump and the vacuum pump device)
•   The residue in the tank clean up Extraction and cleansing of pool and tank base sludge
•   Reactor feed discharge
•   CZPT industry such as agriculture, medicine and intermediates
•   High-viscosity liquid extraction and transportation in daily chemical substances, oil merchandise, etc.
•   Beer, rice wine and other wine-related industries
•   Dairy products and other food connected industries
•   A vast assortment of resources available for different industries: CZPT metal, Hastelloy, Monel, engineering plastics, fluoroplastics.

Specification Info:

Product Size (mm) Flow (m3/h) Head (m) Electrical power (kW)
SPP-25A twenty five two~three eight~twelve 1.5~2.two
SPP-25B twenty five three~7 8~seventeen 2.2~three
SPP-50A fifty 8~15 10~fourteen 3~4
SPP-50B fifty twenty~25 10~fourteen 4~five.five
SPP-65A-Additionally sixty five 35~fifty eight.4~31 5.five~seven.five
SPP-65B-Additionally 65 40~60 nine.six~38 eleven~15
SPP-80A 80 40~50 fourteen~eighteen 11~15
SPP-80B eighty eighty~one hundred fourteen~18 fifteen~eighteen.five

Higher suction head: 8.2 m
Suction faster: 3 m/two sec, five m/eight sec, 8 m/15 sec
Wider applications: risky solvents, large viscosity liquids
Stronger anti-cavitation : transfer liquid in high vacuum container



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Spp Stainless Steel Engineering Plastics Material Super High Efficiency Vacuum Self-Priming Liquid Ring Pump

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