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Sk-0.15 Direct Water Ring Vacuum Pump

SK sequence water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are employed to pump or compress air and other non-corrosive, water-insoluble, sound particles-free gases to produce vacuum and strain in a closed container. liquid. SK direct water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are extensively employed in machinery, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, foods, sugar business and electronics. Because the compression process of the gas is isothermal throughout the operating process, it is significantly less inclined to danger when compressing and pumping the explosive fuel, so its application is far more extensive.

Notice: The values in the table are obtained below the adhering to conditions: 1 water temperature 15 ° C 2 air 20 ° C 3 gas relative temperature 70%

As proven in (1), the impeller is eccentrically put in in the pump body. When the pump is commenced, a particular peak of water is injected into the pump. When the impeller rotates, the h2o is subjected to centrifugal force to kind a rotating water ring on the interior wall of the pump physique. When the interior area of the decrease element of the water ring is tangent to the hub and rotates in the path of the arrow, the internal area of the h2o ring is progressively separated from the hub during the initial 50 % turn, so that a room is shaped in between the blades and progressively enlarged, and the inside pressure is reduced than the pressure at the inlet. Inhale gasoline. Throughout the next half flip, the inner surface of the drinking water ring gradually ways the hub, and the room between the blades is lowered, and the gasoline strain is discharged when it is higher than the atmospheric stress. When the impeller is operated regularly, the pump continuously draws fuel.

Considering that water will heat up with the continuation of doing work time throughout the functioning approach, some water will be discharged with each other with the gas. As a result, cold h2o ought to be repeatedly equipped to the pump for the duration of the work to cool and replenish the h2o eaten in the pump.

  (m3/min) 450mmHg
(mmHg) (R.P.m) (kw) (L/min)
SK-.fifteen .fifteen .twelve 670 2850 .fifty five three~5
SK-.four .four .36 seven-hundred 2850 1.five 4~5
SK-.8 .eight .seventy five seven-hundred 2860 two.two five~ten
SK-1.5A one.5 one.35 700 2860 3 8~12