Sanitary Stainless Steel Vacuum Self-Priming Pump

1&period CIP self-priming pump adopts acid-resisting stainless metal &lparAISI 316&rparin value body &commawhich has special acid and alkali resistance &comma and comply with sanitary demands for foods&interval
two&interval As a optimistic displacement pump&comma its characteristics are exceptional to centrifugal pump because it suction liquid mixed with air or foams and even merely air&time period It is commonly employed to suction substance with liquid stage below the pump&comma for occasion in the milking room&comma it suctions milk from the milk barrel&period of time It can also be utilised in automatic CIP cleansing system as return stream pump in cleaning tank&interval The mechanical sealing is the build -in influx sort &commaand the temperature of suctioned substance is no larger than 100°C&period
Meals Business&colonYogurt&comma Ice Product&comma Cheese&comma Comfortable Drink&comma Fruit Jelly&comma Ketchup&comma Oil&comma Syrup&comma Chocolate etc&period
Everyday Chemicals&colonFacial Foam&comma Hair Gel&comma Hair Dyes&comma Toothpaste&comma Shampoo&comma Shoe Polish&comma Cosmestics and many others&time period
Pharmacy&colonNutrition Liquid&comma Chinese Traditional Patent Medication&comma Drugs Grease&comma Organic Items etc&period
Chemical Market&colon Fat&comma Dissolvent&comma Resin&comma Paint&comma Pigment&comma Oil Agent etc&period
Other Market&colonContruction Industry&comma Plastic Sector&comma Textile Industry&comma Coal Floatation Agent and so on&period

20T&sol24M 30T&sol24M 40T&sol36M
circulation 20T 30T 40T  10-20m&solh
overall head 24M 24M 36M  18-24m
suction stroke 5-6M five-6M five-6M  5-6m
impeller diameter 192 192 Φ215   Φ189mm
inlet&soloutlet diameter sixty three&period5&sol63&period5 seventy six&period5&sol 63&period5 seventy six&sol76   Φ51mm
motor variety M2QA132S4A M2QA132M4A M2QA160S4A  Y112-four
electricity five&period5KW&lpar380V&period50HZ&rpar seven&period5KW&lpar380V&period50HZ&rpar 11 KW&lpar380V&period50HZ&rpar  4KW KW&lpar380V&period50HZ&rpar
speed 1420r&solmin 1420r&solmin 1420r&solmin   1420r&solmin
proportions&lparL×W×H&rpar 760 ×320 ×475 760 ×320 ×475 1006 ×360 ×600  600 ×350 ×420
device weight 110kg 116kg 55kg  55kg