Rubber Lined Am Horizontal Slurry Pump

Rubber Lined Am  Horizontal Slurry Pump

CZPT Lined Am (R) Horizontal Slurry Pump

CZPT for Centrifugal Double Casing Gold CZPT two-1.five Slurry Pump
An pump machinery has complete encounter of slurry pump answer, design and style and production.
AM sequence Centrifugal double casing gold mining two-one.5 slurry pump is horizontal, cantilevered centrifugal slurry pump, with reasonable construction, reliable procedure, extended support daily life. It is broadly employed in transporting abrasive or / and corrosive slurry in mining, metallurgy, electric electrical power, coal, chemical substances, developing, and many others. Specially nicely recognized by coal / chrome washing plant, mineral processing plant, energy plant and many others. 

Structural Characteristics about Centrifugal Double Casing Gold CZPT 2-1.5 Slurry Pump
     – One stage, solitary suction, horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
     – Wet components this sort of as casing, impeller, liner plate in anti-abrasion higher chrome forged iron alloy.
     – Horizontal-central-split container bracket easy for maintaining 
     – Packing or mechanical seal
     – Protecting shell encompassing the casing ideal for heavy responsibility
     – CZPT optimization design, high-productive, vitality-preserving and secure procedure

Application of Centrifugal double casing gold mining two-one.five slurry pump
Large duty CZPT Procedure     Coal Planning Plant
Cyclone Feeds                        CZPT Processing
Tailings                                    Mill Grinding
Slurry Feeding Technique            Heavy Refuse Removing
Pulp And Paper                       Dredging
CZPT Slurry                        High Density Slurries
Ash Handling                           CZPT Processing

Centrifugal double casing gold mining 2-1.5 slurry pump performance:

Design Max Electrical power
Material Very clear h2o efficiency Impeller
Vane No.
Liner Impeller Capability Q
 ( m3/h)
H ( m)
n (rpm)
one.five/1B-AM 15 M M 12.6~28.eight 6~68 1200~3800 five
RU RU ten.8~25.two seven~52 1400~3400 3
one.five/1B-AMH thirty M M sixteen.2~34.2 25~ninety two 1400~2200 five
two/1.5B-AM fifteen M M 32.4~72 six~fifty eight 1200~3200 5
RU RU twenty five.2~54 five.5~forty one one thousand~2600
three/2C-AM thirty M M 39.six~86.four 12~64 1300~2700 five
RU RU 36~seventy five.six 13~39 1300~2100
four/3C-AM thirty M M 86.4~198 9~fifty two a thousand~2200 5
4/3D-AM 60
4/3C-AM 30 RU RU 79.two~a hundred and eighty 5~34.5 800~1800 five
4/3D-AM sixty
four/3E-AMH 120 M M 126~252 twelve~ninety seven 600~1400 five
6/4D-AM sixty M M 162~360 12~56 800~1550 five
6/4E-AM 120
six/4D-AM sixty RU RU 144~324 12~forty five 800~1350 five
6/4E-AM one hundred twenty
six/4F-AMH 260 M M one hundred~414 34~98 600~one thousand 5
eight/6E-AM one hundred twenty M M 360~828 ten~61 five hundred~1140 5
8/6E-AM a hundred and twenty RU RU 324~720 7~forty nine four hundred~a thousand 5
10/8ST-AM 560 M M 612~1368 11~sixty one four hundred~850 five
RU RU 540~1188 12~50 four hundred~750
ten/8E-MM one hundred twenty M M 666~1440 14~sixty 600~1100 5
10/8E-MM 120 RU RU 540~1188 ten~42 500~900 5
12/10ST-AM 560 M M 936~1980 seven~sixty eight three hundred~800 five
M M 720~1620 7~forty five 300~650
14/12ST-AM 560 M M 1260~2772 13~sixty three 300~600 five
RU RU 1152~2520 13~forty four 300~500
16/14ST-AM 560 M M 1368~3060 eleven~63 250~550 5
16/14TU-AM 1200
18/16ST-AM 560 M M 2160~5040 8~sixty six two hundred~500 five
eighteen/16TU-AM 1200
twenty/18TU-AM 1200 M M 2520~5400 thirteen~57 two hundred~400 5

CZPT of Large Responsibility Higher Strain CZPT Metallic Lined Sludge Slurry Pump

CZPT varieties about Heavy Obligation Substantial Strain CZPT Steel Lined Sludge Slurry Pump

Curves chart about Heavy Responsibility Large Strain CZPT Steel Lined Sludge Slurry Pump

RFQ about Heavy Duty Substantial Force CZPT Steel Lined Sludge Slurry Pump

Ideas for slurry pump set up

 Please take observe as under when install the slurry pump:

one. The preformed gap on the basis should be poured as the pump set up drawing.

2. The installation stage need to satisfy the need of the allowed vacuum suction top. The foundation should be in horizontal and stable problem, to make sure the rotation of the driver machinery identical with the pump in the direction.

3. When join by coupling, have to make confident the pump and driver shaft heart  should be in a straight line.

four. If belt link, the shaft center ought to be in parallel.

5. The slurry pump suction pipe should be sealed nicely, and try out to much less the amount of the elbow and verify valve. When fill h2o, exhausted the air. It need to be no any air when operate. We require to keep the suction pipe slopes up somewhat, and then connect with the pump inlet.

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Rubber Lined Am  Horizontal Slurry Pump