Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

2X belt pulley relationship oil ring seal double phase vane higher vacuum pump for Glue papermaking Blister machine Vacuum Coating 

Perfect visual appeal:


Item Description

Application & Features
one. Little dimensions, lower noise.
two. The large oil tank stops the oil temperature from likely up and delays the shifting revolution of vacuum oil.


1. 2X belt pulley relationship oil ring seal double stage vane high vacuum pump for Glue papermaking Blister equipment Vacuum Coating is high performance, reduced power use & low energy.

2. When works as a backing pump of booster pump, 2X could pump discharge the fuel of booster pump repeatedly and preserve the system with a higher vacuum degree.

three. 2XZ sequence Rotary vane variety vacuum pump can be used independently ,which also can be as Booster pump , Diffusion pump ,Molecular pump and Titanium Pump’s pre-pump. 

4. It applies to metallurgy, chemical business, electric powered gentle vacuum, vacuum coating, meals packaging, drugs, plastic uptake, vacuum drying or other industries.

5. Advantage: High vacuum,  Long time steady perform, minimal value.


Efficiency data:


Product 2X-4A 2X-8A 2X-eight 2X-fifteen 2X-30A 2X-70A
Pumping Velocity
4 eight 8 fifteen thirty 70
(≤ Pa)
Ultimate Force
≤ 6× 10 -2
Motor Electrical power
.fifty five one.1 2.2 three 5.5
(Levels C)
Temperature Increase
≤ 4 Degrees C
LW Noise
≤ 75 ≤ 78 ≤ seventy eight ≤ eighty ≤ 82 ≤ 86
Inlet Diameter
Φ 25 Φ twenty five Φ forty Φ 40 Φ 65 Φ 80
Rotational Pace
450 550 320 320 450 420
Injection Volume of Oil
.7 .9 2 two.eight two 4.2
55× 34× forty one 55× 43× forty four 79× 43× fifty four 79× 53× 54 78× 50× 56 91× 65× 70
54 70 135 196 240 428



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