Qby-150 Turbine Charged Submersible Pump for Service Station Use 220V 380V

Qby-150 Turbine Charged Submersible Pump for Service Station Use 220V 380V

With turbo-charging technologies,GALAXY Submersible pump can optimizes fuel flow to the dispensersdelivers quicker,a lot more reputable fuel stream for the cheapest cost of possession.Also it characteristics with exclusive internal framework,generating it less difficult and most secure set up. Optimize the fuel movement of the distributor to conserve far more expense for the gas station with faster velocity and far more dependable fuel circulation and with its exclusive structure, it tends to make set up easier and safer.


  1. Outstanding motor performance, lower electricity consumption which delivers greater circulation rates
  2. Easy to put in and provider because of transportable pump tube and motor components
  3. Precise automatic force aid design and style can properly stay away from overflow that may possibly take place throughout the maintenance
  4. Integrated design of pump head, with developed-in wire and junction box,making installation effortless
  5. Unbiased cavity design reduces the possibility of failure and safer
  6. Can be elevated style of check valve,eradicates the prospective for fuel spills
  7. Much more compatible component layout makes the less difficult fix or substitute among different makes

1.Can be extensively utilised in diesel,gasoline,kerosene,gasoline mixtures and and many others.,this kind of as
a hundred% Diesel
one hundred% Gasoline
Methanol concentrations up to fifteen%
Ethanol concentrations up to fifteen%
MTBE, ETBE, or TAME concentrations up to seventeen-twenty%

2.Maximum flow rates ranges from 200L/min to 1000L/min,with electrical power ranging from .75HP to 5HP
3.CZPT and transportation temperature range:+40ºC~ -50ºC.

Technical specs:

Sort Power(HP) Voltage(V) Flow fee(L/m) Outlet stress(KPa) (Operating Qty of nozzles)
QYB75 .75 220/380 228 207 four
QYB150 one.five 220/380 304 207 6
QYB200 2 220/380 380 276 8
QYB300 three 380 600 276 12
QYB500 5 380 1000 276 sixteen
QYB200B two 380 -380 -276 eight
QYB300B three 380 -600 -276 12
QYB500B five 380 -one thousand -276 sixteen

CZPT computation



L1(mm) L2(mm)
QYB150 220V L-530 L-590
380V L-538 L-598
QYB150A 220V L-540 L-470
380V L-548 L-478
L is for tank diameter(The top from flange to base)
L1 is for the length of one.5″ oil inlet pipe
L2 is for the duration of one/2″wire inlet pipe

Qby-150 Turbine Charged Submersible Pump for Service Station Use 220V 380V