pto Gearbox For Generator

pto Gearbox For Generator

generator agricultural gearbox has the features of light-weight bodyweight, small quantity, higher transmission ratio, high performance, smooth rotation, minimal sounds and great applicability.

one) Output speed:.19~60r/min

two) Output torque: up to 260,000N.m

3) Motor power: .four~1293kW

4) Mounted kind: foot-mounted ,flange-mounted

pto Gearbox For Generator

The agricultural division is divided into gearboxes (pace alter gears, parallel and proper angle shaft velocity increasers and reducers), driveshafts and safety units primarily utilized on agricultural equipments.

The agricultural division transmissions are hugely tailored and accessible in numerous advanced versions. Software engineering and large design and style capability permit to resolve any customer’s issues, granting steady advancement, good quality and total support.

pto Gearbox For Generator


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