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2BV20111 Water ring vacuum pump

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2BV20111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump

The 2BV series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors feature a pump-integrated structure, making them suitable for pumping gas and water vapor. They can achieve a suction pressure of up to 33hPa absolute pressure (97% vacuum). However, when the suction pressure is lower than a thousand 80hPa for an extended period, the pump requires protection from cavitation with the use of a protection tube. If equipped with an atmospheric ejector, the suction pressure can reach 10hPa. The ejector can be directly installed on the suction port of the vacuum pump or placed on the corresponding pipeline of the system. When used as a compressor, its maximum pressure is less than 0.31MPa (absolute pressure).

Product Description

The 2BV20111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump is a highly efficient pump with a compact design. It is designed to pump gas and water vapor in industrial and commercial applications. Its pump-integrated structure and powerful suction pressure make it a reliable choice for various industrial processes.

Features and Benefits

  • High Vacuum Degree
  • Simple Structure
  • Stable Operation
  • Wide Applicability
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easy to Operate

Working Principle and Components

The Water Ring Vacuum Pump works on the principle of creating a vacuum by creating a ring of water around the impeller. This creates a seal that allows the pump to suction gas and water vapor. The main components of the pump include the impeller, pump casing, pump cover, inlet and outlet ports, and the water ring.


The 2BV20111 Water Ring Vacuum Pump is suitable for various industrial and commercial applications, including food processing, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. It can be used for drying, distillation, evaporation, and other processes that require vacuum suction.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump in Use

Choosing the Right Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Selecting the right Water Ring Vacuum Pump depends on the specific application requirements. Factors to consider include the required suction capacity, suction pressure, discharge pressure, and operating temperature. It is essential to consult with a vacuum pump expert to determine the best pump for your application.

Common Problems and Solutions

During operation, the Water Ring Vacuum Pump may experience issues such as cavitation, corrosion, and overheating. To address these issues, it is necessary to ensure regular maintenance and inspection of the pump, use the appropriate materials for the process, and adjust the operating conditions as needed.

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