Pneuamtic Vacuum Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Pneuamtic vacuum air operated double diaphragm pump:


1. The pump can suck the peanut, pickles, tomato slurry, pink sausage, chocolate, hops and syrup and many others.
2. The pump can suck the paint, pigment, glue and adhesive and so on.
3. The pump can suck numerous glazed slurries of tile, porcelain, brick and chinaware etc.
4. The pump can suck different grinding materials, corrosive agent and clean the oil dirt and so forth.
five. The pump can suck a variety of toxin and flammable or volatility liquid and so on.
6. The pump can suck different wedge water, cement slurry and mortar and many others.
seven. The pump can suck different robust acid, alkali and corrosive liquid etc.
eight. It can be employed as a entrance-stage tranmission gadget of the solid and liquid separation products.

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