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Oil Free Compressor

 Why using the variable frequency oil free screw air compressor ?


Variable frequency drive ( VFD) technology was used in oil-free air compressors since ages. Nowadays, the focus has been shifted to its production, efficiency and power conserving, however, they have become much more common for operating compressors of variable speeds. They can function many other works like- altering the speed, maximize production efficiency, optimize power problems, and slacken mechanical resources further they are used as a compressor controller or applied in the intersection with a proprietary air compressor controller.

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Energy saving 

The most apparent reason for using a VFD air compressor is energy. The variable frequency screw compressor is capable of adjusting the rotating speed of the motor according to the demand of the application. It monitors the frequency of power delivered to the motor hence helps in keeping the speed on the track as well as avoids the frequent loading and unloading, resulting in saving electricity. 

Exhaust pressure

CM/BV oil-free screw air compressor has a sensor which can detect pressure. The water lubrication variable frequency can reach up to 0.01MPa within the pressure fluctuation range.

 Low current value

The CM inverter empowers a smooth kick-off by reducing the initial electric current by 80% without impacting the starting torque. By stimulating lower starting currents, the energy grid is set under less stress during the start. Though it doesn’t affect the power grid. 

Easy switch 

The CM series adds up an extra function of the easy switch, it allows to switch between power frequency and variable frequency. The free selection can be supervised according to the air consumption to achieve the minimum electricity expenditures. 

CM/BV oil-free air compressor acquires advanced functionality like-  the variable frequency motor, monitoring capabilities, temperature monitoring, speed adjustment, incredible stability and provides strong torque under low frequency. CM/BV compressor adopts unusual inverter.  

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