Multistage Water Pump Hige Pressure Pump Centrifugal Mining Pump

Multistage Water Pump Hige Pressure Pump Centrifugal Mining Pump

 Multistage pump scorching water pump centrifugal pump  fire drinking water pump

Depon D series multistage drinking water pump is a widely employed method of higher-strain pump, run hot and chilly drinking water as a booster pumps in parallel drinking water provide of the large-rise constructing, fireplace, boiler feed drinking water and cooling h2o methods and a variety of irrigation fluid conveying. Type D pump can provide water without having sound particle or the liquid which the chemical and actual physical attribute are similar with h2o and temperature is≤80ºC, it is ideal for providing mater in mine and urban drinking water undertaking and so on.

Sort DG pump can produce clean h2o without sound particle or the liquid which the chemical and actual physical feature are similar with h2o, and temperature is≤105ºC, it is suited for delivering boiler feed water or warmth drinking water.

Type DM pump can deliver the neuter mineral drinking water which reliable particles percent≤1.5% (strong Dia.<0.5mm) and other similar sewage, the temperature of the liquid is ≤80ºC, it is suitable for steel works, mines, cities projects etc.

Kind DF pump can supply the corrosive liquid without having reliable particle, which temperature is from -20ºC~150ºC.

Sort DY pump deliver oil or oil items with out sound grain, viscosity≤120ct, assortment of temperature is from -20ºC~150ºC.

Inlet strain of pumps is considerably less than .6Mpa. 



Sectional Arrangement
1 Suction Casing
two Diffuser
three Phase Casing
4 Delivery Casing
5 Impeller of 1st-stage
6 Impeller
seven Stability Disc
8 Stability Ring
nine Stuffing Box Housing
ten Packing
eleven Balance Sleeve
12 Packing Gland
13 O-ring
14 Bearing
15 Putting on Ring of 1st-stage
sixteen Wearing Ring
17 Diffuser Bush
eighteen Shaft
19 Shaft Sleeve
20 Equilibrium H2o Piping
21 H2o Seal Piping


* Lengthy length water transferring

* Boiling water feeding and transferring

* Water system boosting

* Agricultural irrigation

* CZPT h2o provide

* Fire battling

* Offshore tasks

The multi-stage pump is a centrifugal pump that is blended with the inlet and outlet sections and the center section by a tie rod. Its output h2o pressure can be very massive, and it also depends on the rotation of the impeller to acquire the centrifugal pressure and as a result the materials.

When the gas density reaches the doing work assortment of the mechanical vacuum pump, it is pumped out, therefore gradually getting a high vacuum.

The multi-stage pump relies on the alter of the volume of the pump cavity to attain suction, compression and exhaust, so it is a variable-quantity centrifugal pump.

Pump Overall performance:

Product Capacity 
Head(m) Velocity
Motor Electricity
Impeller Dia
D/DG6-twenty five*three 6.three seventy five 2950 5.five 138
D/DG6-twenty five*five 6.3 a hundred twenty five 2950 seven.five 138
D/DG6-50*four six.3 two hundred 2950 eighteen.5 198
D/DG6-50*6 6.three three hundred 2950 thirty 198
D/DG6-80*3 6.three 240 2950 eighteen.5 235
D/DG12-25*4 12.5 100 2950 11 146
D/DG12-fifty*6 twelve.five 300 2950 30 273
D/DG12-eighty*four twelve.5 320 2950 forty five 235
D/DG25-30*three twenty five 90 2950 fifteen one hundred sixty
D/DG25-50*5 twenty five 250 2950 37 196
D/DG46-thirty*five forty six 150 2950 37 162
D/DG46-fifty-seven 46 350 2950 ninety 210
D/DG85-67*4 85 268 2950 110 235
D/DG85-67*eight eighty five 536 2950 220 235
D/DG120-fifty*5 one hundred twenty 250 2950 132 213
D/DG150-30*eight 150 240 2950 160 172
D/DG150-100*6 150 600 2950 four hundred 289
D/DG200-one hundred*six two hundred 600 2950 560 290
D/DG280-sixty five*six 280 390 1480 five hundred 430
D/DG360-40*8 360 320 1480 500 360
D/DG450-sixty*8 450 480 1480 900 430
D/DG550-fifty*nine 550 450 1480 one thousand 430
D/DG580-70*nine 580 630 1480 1600 473
D/DG600-60*ten 600 600 1480 1400 455
D/DG720-sixty*9 720 540 1480 1600 450
D/DG740-80*six 740 480 1480 1600 493

For reference only, far more information remember to get in touch with us!

CZPT & Material:


Pump Portion D Series DM Collection DG/DY Collection DF Sequence
Suction Casing HT250 ZGCr17Mo2-CuR HT250 Forged Steel or 
solid stainless metal
Phase Casing HT250 ZGCr17Mo2-CuR HT250 Solid Steel or 
cast stainless steel
Discharge Casing HT250 ZGCr17Mo2-CuR HT250 Cast Steel or 
solid stainless metal
Impeller HT250 KmTbCr15Mo3 HT250 Forged Metal or 
solid stainless metal
Diffuser HT250 KmTbCr15Mo3 HT250 Cr Steel
Shaft C45 C45 C45 Forged Steel or 
solid stainless metal
Harmony Disc ZQAI9-four ZGCr17Mo2-CuR ZQAI9-4 Solid Steel or 
solid stainless metal


one. What is your solution range?
A: centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pump involves slurry pump, gravel pump, clean h2o pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, self-priming pump and diesel motor pump.

two. What is your MOQ, payment expression and lead time?
A: MOQ for centrifugal pump is 1set, MOQ for conveyor belt is 100cbm.
Payment Expression: T/T, L/C, CZPT CZPT, Paypal and CZPT Assurance.
Direct time: in basic 7 working times for slurry pump, 15working days for h2o pump.

three. What details ought to I let you know if I want to get a quotation:
A: Pump capability, pump head, medium, medium temperature, pump material, quantity, if possible, you should also offer the pump design you are making use of now, cost will be calculated as for each the pump design, if not, we will recommend appropriate solution for reference.

4. If I put a bigger motor on my pump, will it pump more?
A: No. The amount of drinking water and the stress (head) that a centrifugal pump method is related to the rotational velocity, impeller diameter and dimension of the impeller vanes.

five. Do you affect the finished merchandise?
A: Sure, each and every batch of production and concluded solution will be good quality checked strickly ahead of delivering, testing report or video can be despatched to clientele for reference.

six. How do you ship the finished solution?
A: By sea, By air, By worldwide express.

Inquiry of Pump

one: Could you share the pump specs with me? As under:

two: Pump’s circulation (How numerous cubic meters of h2o are deliverd per hour): ___m3/h

three: Pump’s head (Vertical top of h2o delivered by the pump)___m

4: Temperature of conveyed liquid: _____ ºC

five: CZPTtrric drive or diesel motor drive?

We shall be happy to ship you our quotations on receipt of your technical specs.


Multistage Water Pump Hige Pressure Pump Centrifugal Mining Pump



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