Movel Water Aspirator Vacuum Pump Circulating Water Vacuum Pump for Rotary Evaporator

one) the machine is put in with two vacuum meters and two sets of tips which can be utilised independently or in parallel connection.

(two) The primary equipment is manufactured of stainless metal plate and pressed into an elegant shape. The box human body is manufactured of unique engineering plastics.

(3) It is mounted with specific fluid silencer minimizing friction noise produced by liquid and fuel contained in drinking water, generating vacuum diploma higher and far more secure. Corrosion resisting, pollutionfree, low sounds and simple to move. It is also attainable to install vacuum altering valve to make procedure far more hassle-free.

(four) The look of IIIA Type H2o Circulating Multipurpose Vacuum Pump is the identical as these SHB-III and SHB-IIIS Kind Vacuum Pumps. But its important elements of jetting units, 3-way products, check out valve and sucking tap are produced of stainless metal.

(5) The h2o storage tank is produced of freshly-designed special plastics which can resist in opposition to corrosion and dissolution brought about by procedure of organic chemical matters these kinds of as acetone and diethyl ether chloroform.




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