Mixing Pump for Ozone Generator Ozone Mixer

Mixing Pump for Ozone Generator Ozone Mixer

high effectiveness micro nano bubble generator ,ozone mixing unit pump


Micro bubble generator ozone h2o mixing pump 220V 380V
Merchandise define
1.Drinking water movement price:1T/Hr,2T/Hr,6T/Hr and 12T/Hr
two.Micro bubbles size 20~30µ for gasoline water mixing
three.Utilised with SS304 substance mixing tank for impoving mixing effectiveness
four.Liquid temperature: -15ºC ~ 120ºC
five.Highest ambient temperature: +40ºC
six.Gas-liquid ratio 1:9 (Gas suction volume eight~ten%)
seven.220V/380V are obtainable,when you make get pls kindly notice us the voltage you need to have,many thanks
one.It can suck water even though sucking gas and pressurize and blend them inside of it.CZPT fine air bubble 
20~30µ.It renders a good gasoline liquid fixing effect.
two.It has steady performances, substantial performance and low noise degree,and its gas liquid fixing
efficiencyis as large as two times that of the classic method.
three.When it is used in air suspension unit,air compressors,a variety of mixers,high force air solving 
tanks and releasers may possibly be saved and hence the weak spot of instable air provide and boiling of 
huge air bubble which very likely occur in traditional working model will be eradicated.
four.When it is used in ozone h2o preparing gear, a lot of mixers and huge oxidation towers 
could be saved and therefore the cost for tools will be drastically diminished. In addition,its gasoline liquid 
fixing ratio may exceed ninety five%.
5.It is straightforward in construction and operation,easy in servicing and tough and demands less 
components.It has a good self suction capability and a wide application selection.
one.Air suspension treating equipment,ozone drinking water making ready equipment,and organic treatment 
2.Feeding of heating or cooling medium for various temperature altering products.
three.Numerous filters:sucking or high force transferring reduced viscosity liquid from underground 
tank,such as gasoline and a variety of solvent.
four.Misting treatment of very clear drinking water,pure h2o,food items,chemical resolution and waste remedy.
5.Stringent purposes (continuous running, abruot variation in hydraulic strain):these kinds of as small 
scale stream boiler,high building water offer,large strain drinking water injection to high pressure 
tank,and suction from vacuum tank.
six.Sampling from river or tank,transfer foamable liquid,transfer liquid by way of lengthy and horizontal 
pipeline,exactly where air pockets most likely occur. 
Merchandise Technic Data 

Item JH-one JH-two JH-3 JH-4 JH-five JH-6
Head of supply 40M 50M
Flow charge 1T/Hr 2T/Hr 6T/Hr 12T/Hr
Drinking water input dimensions .seventy five” 1″ one.5″ two”
H2o output dimensions .5″ .seventy five” 1.two” one.five”
Power .55Kw 1.1Kw 3Kw five.5Kw
Voltage 380V 220V 380V 220V 380V 380V
Speed 2900r/min
Dimension of Tank φ200×320mm
(3mm thickness)
(3mm thickness)

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1.  What is ozone?

Ozone is a single of the most effective oxidants obtainable, destroying microorganisms,viruses, mould and mildew in air, water and assorted apps almost immediately and much more efficiently than any other engineering. Ozone’s molecular composition is 3 oxygen atoms (O3).

2.  Will Ozone hurt me?

As soon as the ozone concentration fails to satisfy the hygiene and security CZPT, we can notice with our sense of smell and dodge away or consider steps to stay away from additional leakage. So much there is no one death reported brought on by ozone poisoning.

3. Why is ozone a green engineering?

Ozone is a green technology with a lot of environmental advantages. It minimizes our dependence on usually used, harmful chemical compounds this kind of as chlorine and removes their harmful disinfectant by-items (DBPs). The only by item produced by ozone apps is oxygen which is reabsorbed into the ambiance. Ozone’s potential to disinfect in cold h2o also will save energy.

major merchandise:

Air resource ozone generator 
ozone focus (10mg/l -30mg/l )

model  ozone production  source  power 
HY-002 2g/h  air source  60w
HY-004  5g/h  air source  120w
HY-005 10g/h  air source  180w
HY-006 15g/h  air source  300w
HY-006  20g/h  air source  320w
HY-003 30g/h  air resource
h2o cooling 
HY-015 40g/h  air source 
h2o cooling 
HY-015 50g/h  air source 
drinking water cooling 
HY-016 60g/h  air source 
water cooling 
HY-016 80g/h  air resource
h2o cooling 
HY-017 100g/h  air source 
drinking water cooling 

oxygen supply ozone generator 
ozone focus ( 80-100mg/l )

model ozone production  cooling  power 
YT-015 10g/h  air cooling 680w
YT-015 15g/h  air cooling  780w
YT-016 20g/h  h2o cooling  850w
YT-016 30g/h  water cooling  950w
YT-016 40g/h  drinking water cooling  600+air compressor 
YT-017 50g/h  drinking water cooling  650+air compressor 
YT-017 60g/h  h2o cooling  seven hundred+air compressor 
YT-017 80g/h  water cooling  800+air compressor 
YT-018 100g/h  water cooling  950+air compres


HY-018 150g/h  YT-018 150g/h 
HY-018 200g/h  YT-018 200g/h 
HY-019 300g/h  YT-019 300g/h 
HY-571 400g/h  YT-571 400g/h 
HY-571 500g/h  YT-571 500g/h
HY-571 600g/h  YT-571 600g/h 
HY-571 700g/h  YT-571 700g/h 
HY-571 800g/h  YT-571 800g/h
HY-571 900g/h  YT-571 900g/h 
HY-571 1000g/h  YT-571 1000g/h 

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Mixing Pump for Ozone Generator Ozone Mixer


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