MH-2 and 2B series of high vacuum energy-conserving vacuum pumps

MH-2 Series of vacuum pumps are high vacuum suction pump, and the oil-sealing slide valve, which can reach the vacuum below 1.33 Pa, so it is suitable for all kinds of high vacuum requirements.
The mechanical system of the pump is introduced from the advanced international techniques. It adopts the world advanced movement technology-Rotating compressed air principle combined with Rots Principle (oil sputtering lubrication) and Newton Law of Inertia and it uses the two-stage double cooling and lubrication. The power is only half of that used by W series (Return Pump) and X series (Blade Pump), so it is highly stable and reliable and it has low noise, small power and long life and so on.
The main parts are made of casting iron with high resistance, and it is processed after the surface treatment and is made once, so it has the quality of high accuracy, low erosion, and little maintenance and so on. This pump is applied to the dye chemistry, food addictives, colorants, paint, medicine and fine chemistry and other industries. The pump is recognized as the excellent one in the country.

II. The patterns and technical parameters of the product

Model (mm)Mounting Dimensions (mm)Mounting Dimensions
Bottom Measurement Foundation bolt I mports and Exports Flange length Width High
MH-2/30 540 192 M14 4 40(3\2)n 590 570 900
MH-2/50 455 230 M14 4 50(2n) 580 668 910
MH-2/508 610 214 M14 4 65(5\2)n 670 668 960
MH-2/80 610 214 M14 4 65(5\2)n 670 668 1010
MH-2/80B 640 250 M14 4 65(5\2)n 695 710 1025
MH-2/100 750 240 M16 4 80(3n) 810 685 1080
MH-2/150 750 315 M16 4 100(4n) 810 765 1150
MH-2/200 750 315 M16 4 100(4n) 815 775 1155

III. Structure and Working Principle
MH-2 Series of vacuum pumps have the similar appearance and basic structure. The pump is moved by the triangle belt from the motor to the pump rotor. The motor is fixed on the body of the pump by the motor board. The pump is made up of the main part, the valve, the semi-circle valve slide, the ail-exhaust valve and the axle and so on.

The main part of the pump is fixed with a valve cover in which there is an eccentric sheave. The eccentric sheave is fixed on the axle, and the valve cover is connected with a rectangle valve pole, which can slide up and down or left and right in the semi-circle valve slide. This kind of pump body is divided into Room A and Room B by the valve cover and the valve pole. When the pump is operated, the volume of Room A and Room B is variable periodically, so it can finish the processes of air-absorption and air-exhaust.

IV. Installation and adjustment
1. The diagram of installation

(1) The size of the buffer pot should depend on the practical condition and the size of the bowel.
(2) Here is a fixing pump, and the size of the valve is decided according to the pattern of the vacuum pump.
(3) 1# buffer pot can be filled with the alkali and the acid to counteract.
2. The size of installation
Ps: MH-2 Series of vacuum pump fixing size (mm)

Pattern Parameter Item Foot Size Boy-bolt The diameter of the air entrance and air exhaust
Length Width
MH-2/50 455 230 14 4 60
MH-2/80 610 214 14 4 75
MH-2/100 750 240 16 4 90
MH-2/150 750 315 16 4 115
MH-2/200 750 315 16 4 115

3. The vacuum pump should be installed in a clean, airy and bright room and the temperature should be kept between 5 and 40, and the relative temperature should be no more than 90%
4. The installation foundation: the pump can be fixed on the iron and steel concrete or on the fixed H-steel. There should be about 40mm (for oil) from the ground and at least 60 mm from other equipments or obstacles for the convenience of fixing vacuum, exhaust or cooling pumps.
5. The pump should be adjusted when it is installed and then the foot screw should be tightened.
6. When the vacuum pipe is fixed, it should be cleaned in advance, in case that the broken pieces or bits should be absorbed into the pump and cause damage.
7. The diameter of the air-absorption pipe should be no smaller than that of the pump, and the pipe should be short and has fewer connections or it will affect the exhaust rate. The air leakage should be controlled to the minimum on the connection and the pipe. Besides, please note that the air quantity of the exhaust container should be consistent with the exhaust rate of the pump.
8. The diameter of the air-exhaust pipe should be no smaller than that of the pump. The exit pipe can be connected to the outside and the exit should be put downward in case that the rain or other things get into the pipe. It is suggested that a collector of water and oil mixture should be installed for the sake of environment protection. The separation of the water and the oil can be carried out for the collected mixture and the oil can be still used for the pump.
9. The oil entrance and the oil exit of the pump should conform to those of the outside oil tank and the outside oil tank must be installed. The oil exit of the pump should be higher than the outside oil tank level to avoid the damage caused by the influent oil movement. The oil tank can be got from our factory, but it can also be designed yourself.
10. The mains can be fixed according to the requirements of the instructions of the voltage and the connecting ways on the motor signs. It is suggested that an insurance device be fixed to avoid the over current. The rotation direction of the motor should be consistent with the rotation direction of the pump.
11. The water cooling pipe is mingled with the main part of the pump and when the cooling pipe is connected, the temperature of the water flow should be controlled below 40.
12. Adjustment
(1) Check all the connectives and the tightening conditions before operation, check the electricity and check whether the cooling pipe is smooth or not.
(2) Rotate the belt with hands to check whether the movement is normal or not. Do not switch on the motor directly in case of damage.
(3) Turn on the empty valve on the entrance pipe.
(4) Turn on the cooling pipe to see whether it is smooth or not.
(5) Switch on the motor and please note that the movement direction should be consistent with the direction of the pump movement.
(6) Turn off the empty valve, and not the oil level and the cooling water. Note whether the rotation direction of the pump is normal or not, whether it has unnatural sound and whether the motor is going on negative load.
(7) Turn on the air-entrance valve slowly and note whether the vacuum meter is pointing to the right working pressure.
(8) Stop operation: when stopping operation, the air-entrance valve to the vacuum system should be shut down first, so it is separated with the vacuum system. And then the motor should be shut down, and open the empty valve to let in the air and finally stop the cooling water.

V. Failure Analysis and Removal

The trouble The reason Get rid of the method
The vacuity is not high The oil is polluted Change the oil of pump of new vacuum
Leak gas airtightly Change the axle end airtightly
Exhaust valve work Repair and exhaust the valve. Or change the new valve, valve slice
There is atmosphere that leaks and enter Check the vacuum pipeline, repair the position of leaking gas
Here are incidentals or pump parts that are damaged in the pump body Turn on the pump body, remove incidentals, overhaul and deal with
The pump has unusual noise and violent vibration The foundation is not firm Strengthen the foundation
The spare part is become flexible or damage Check maintenance
Exhaust valve work abnormally Check and exhaust the valve, adjust
The foreign matter falls into the pump Remove foreign matte\=
The bearing is worn and tear or lubricate badly Check the lubricating system , change the bearing
Leak gas seriously The position is repaired to check and leak gas
Rotate the obstacle Or the fuse fuses electrical machinery Find out the reason, change the fuse
There are foreign matters that are blocked Remove foreign matters
Have not reached the normal rotational speed Check trigonometries and take to cross loose and changes in time
The voltage is crossed low, move the direction of rotating Adjust the voltage, adjust and move the direction of rotating

Easy to decrease one

Serial number The name of part The quantity of each one
1 Big set 1
2 Partial 1
3 The slide 1
4 Slippery roller 2
5 Valve slice 3 or 4
6 Air bleeding valve spring 3 or 4
7 Air bleeding valve seat 3 or 4

Points for attention
1 Release angry to contain steams is can have been in front of air inlet according to installing the desicator completely, It installs inside and oxidize phosphoruses, oxidize aluminium, calcium chlorides at three at five or cold traps install the dry ice inside, Used for absorbing or freezing the moisture content in the gas.
2 If it is too high to pump gas temperature, should consider that set up condensers or the cooling tower in front of the air inlet , Make gas temperature reduce, is close to the normal atmospheric temperature.
3 Release gas contain or oil get up corrosivity chemical reaction at the composition, Should set up the gas and absorb with the neutralization device in front of the air inlet .
4 Change the oil of pump of vacuum regularly, is polluted going bad such as the oil, should transfer to the oil in time , Forbid using and including the engine oil of sulphur, can select the domestic 1#’s vacuum oil of pump for use . Also the available 46#’s machinery oil is replaced in winter.
5 Should put the cooling water to the limit when the room temperature is lower than 5 , so as not to freeze the pump body to crack.
The enclosure is explained:
There are profit collector of pump of vacuum( complements the collecting machine) and other fuel tank supply in our factory. According to mounted on gas vent collector profit, the profit collected can retrieve in the fuel tank directly , Water and filth are discharged since blowdown in the mouth, the oil can continue being used , easy to save the oil consumption. This complements collecting machine it is that the department of environmental protection recommends the products in addition, pollution-free, have no noise, The user can select for use by oneself .
For external use fuel tanks complement user designs and makes person who collect by oneself.