Lt95\15  Portable Remote Delivery High Pressure Forest Fire Pump

Lt9515  Portable Remote Delivery High Pressure Forest Fire Pump

LT9515 Portable Remote Delivery High Pressure Forest Fire Pump

Item Details
lCZPT metal body, effortless to carry. The pump shaft is organized horizontally to lessen vibration.
lThe pump human body is a plunger hydraulic diaphragm pump. Making it possible for sand and gravel particles to go by way of has minimal requirements on h2o quality and low electricity decline to the engine.
l The pump can perform normally when the horizontal and vertical tilt reaches twenty five °.
lHose diameter 40mm, burst stress 18MPa, polyester filament on the area, imported rubber lining, high-stress forest connection.
The power unit of the drinking water pump is a forced air-cooled four-stroke gasoline motor.  
Water pump content and framework
The water pump is an imported three-cylinder hydraulic piston diaphragm pump. The pump entire body is shaped by a higher-power aluminum alloy die-casting process at 1 time to guarantee that the pump physique will not break and screw off during large force work. The connecting rod and the eccentric shaft are created of aluminum-primarily based alloy, which are simultaneously nitrided, and are fashioned by forging as soon as. The diaphragm is created of hydrobutylene rubber, which does not require to be changed for tens of countless numbers of hrs of normal procedure. The water pump makes use of oil-drinking water separation engineering. The mechanical portion is completely immersed in the oil tank, and the elements will not kind friction, which ensures the services life of the drinking water pump. The diaphragm isolates the h2o from coming into the mechanical warehouse, so the drinking water pump has extremely minimal specifications for water and sand and gravel can go by way of. 
Reducer kind
The reducer makes use of a planetary reducer, which is various from the big and little gears of a star reducer. If the star-shaped gear is above-pressured, it will very easily fall tooth, which will impact the performance of the water pump. The planetary reducer is a 3-sided little gear meshing with a large gear, which implements a entire assortment of meshing. Below no situation will the pulley and tooth slide out. Our planetary reducer has a specific treatment method technique, which will not weaken the engine’s power when the engine speed exceeds 2000 revolutions, but will support the engine’s electrical power and improve the efficiency of the water pump. 
Pump complex parameters
Name                CZPT parameters
Pump established weight (kg):       56
Movement price (L / min):         95
Doing work stress (Mpa) :    12 (vertical top 1200 meters)
Greatest stress (Mpa):   15(vertical peak 1500 meters)
Greatest range (m) :       24 
Maximum suction stroke (m):  8
(with self-priming operate, no need to inject h2o and vacuum when working)
Functioning suction (m) :        6.5 
(with self-priming function, no need to fill drinking water and vacuum when doing work)
Inlet diameter (mm):         32
Outlet diameter (mm):       40
Proportions (mm) l * w * h:  850 * 520 * 500
Motor parameters
Title                  CZPT parameters
Engine design:             Pericom
Engine sort:             Single cylinder, forced air cooling, 4T (four stroke)
Displacement:             306CC
Optimum electricity:          34 horsepower
Starting up strategy:          manual/electric start
Multi-functions:           start the motor, charing, lights and alarm and so on
Motor velocity (rpm):        3600


Lt9515  Portable Remote Delivery High Pressure Forest Fire Pump


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