Linear Labs is out to reinvent the electric motor

Electric vehicles have become an extremely common sight for most people. gear reduction motor Whether it’s viewing a shiny new Tesla drive down the street, or hopping on a light rail train or renting a power scooter to obtain from that train to your dwelling, EVs are everywhere.

One problem with electrical motors is that because of the speeds at which they rotate, to be useful in most vehicles, they want a gear reduction gadget. I’d call it a tranny, but generally, these gearboxes only have one velocity. This takes the 10,000 rpm from a drive engine and reduces the quickness at the tires while multiplying torque.

What if there were a electric motor that didn’t need to spin as fast as that to make enough usable power and torque to operate a vehicle a vehicle? If that existed, you could alter all types of reasons for having electric car design. If you didn’t require a gearbox, you’ll save a good-size chunk of weight and, probably even more crucially, space.

With that space, you could increase the size of your battery pack, and with the reduced weight, you’ll improve all sorts of things like handling, range and acceleration.


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