Laser cutting air compressor

All Laser Cutters need two additional products which move surroundings: blower which removes air flow / extracts smoke from machine and atmosphere compressor as a source for compressed atmosphere for so called air flow assist.

Why and How
Laser cuts by temperature, very high high temperature focused in tight beam. Side products of high temperature are smoke and fire, both aren’t welcomed addition, smoke disperses laser reducint it’s efficienty and fire causes charring of material / edges and will even escape control leading to serious emergency.

Fire needs air flow to burn nonetheless it can also die in the event that you blow too hard, think about a candle in the wind. This is essentialy what atmosphere assist is definitely for: compressed air is extruded straight at the laser mind in a very tight stream and is fond of where laser touches material.

Pressure and volume of air
Pressure of surroundings is key variable for air support efficienty, inside our shop we found out that optimal worth is between 2 and 3.5 bar (31-50psi).

To achieve required pressure compressor needs to push certain level of air through air assist opening, specific volume depends on size of the Air Compressor For Tire Production Equipment starting and desired pressure. Top quality laser beam cutter heads have little and finely tuned openings while cheaper chinese cutters just blow generally direction via huge holes.

Proper compressor
When choosing compressor you have to consider if it can constantly provide desired pressure and volume of air. Little airbrush compressors small compressors boast impressive pressure figures but actually poor flow rates adequate only for airbrush pistols. Also if small compressor can push enough air it will likely overheat in short while.


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