Large Flow and Medium Pressure Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Vacuum Piston Pump

Huge Stream and Medium Pressure Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Vacuum Piston Pump

Pump Description:

Efficiency characteristics:

Module design, broad coverage of movement
Simple design and style of pump head components, practical for routine maintenance
Reliable construction of sealing
Optional fuel auxiliary sealing gadget, further enhance the seal existence
Different configurations increase the degree of protection and automation

Optional Configuration:

1.Electromagnetic velocity adjustment motor/frequency conversion motor/mounted pace motor
two.Overpressure interlocking gadget Protection valve/Cryogenic check out valve 
3.Temperature interlocking unit inside of pump
4.Force interlocking unit of outlet liquid

 Model  NO.  Flow(L/h)  Inlet pressure
 Max Out pressure
 Gas return
SBP 4000-8000/thirty 3 4000~8000 .02~.eight 3 eighteen.five 65 40 forty
SBP 5000-ten thousand/thirty 3 5000~10000 .02~.eight three 22 65 40 40
SBP 8000-15000/30 three 8000~15000 .02~.eight 3 thirty 65 forty 40
SBP 10000-20000/30 three 10000~20000 .02~.eight three 37 65 40 forty
SBP ten thousand-25000/thirty 3 10000~20000 .02~.eight 3 forty five 100 sixty five 50
SBP 10000-30000/thirty 3 10000~30000 .02~.eight 3 fifty five 65 40 forty
SBP 5000-10000/60 three 5000~ten thousand .02~.8 six 37 sixty five forty forty
SBP 8000-15000/60 three 8000~15000 .02~.8 six fifty five sixty five 40 forty
SBP 72500/sixty five 72500 .02~.eight six 185 one hundred fifty 80 eighty

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