Large Capacity Polymer Reactor Used Discharge Melt Gear Pump

Large Capacity Polymer Reactor Used Discharge Melt Gear Pump

CZPT data:
one. Rotate velocity: ≤ 60rpm(Adjustable)
2. Temperature: 400° C (max. )
three. Max. Outlet force: 350Bar
4. Max. CZPTential strain: 275Bar
five. Heating strategy: CZPT Metal Cartridge Heater
6. Fastening areas: 12.9 high-toughness screws
seven. Voltage: 380V(Other folks are optional)
8. Frequency: 50Hz(Others are optional)

Benefits of Applying CZPT GM-LK sequence CZPT gear Pump:
one. Reducing anxiety on the extruder by means of shifting the occupation of building strain to the melt pump

two. Rising the hourly output

three. Getting rid of the output variations and pressure pulsations, therefore significantly strengthening the item quality

four. Conserving raw material by indicates of tighter producing tolerances

5. Strengthening the the dimensional accuracy throughout the manufacturing of sheets and profiles

6. Optimizing the area and optical good quality during the manufacturing of films, sheets and profiles

seven. Improving the merchandise good quality with regard to homogeneity and pellet size in compounding

eight. Extending the life span of the upstream machinery

Item show 

Set up show 

CZPT data

Max roate pace
Outlet pressure
Inlet pressure
Charge of flow       m3/h Temperature
Minimal viscosity material
High viscosity substance
CZPT-higher viscosity substance
GM-LK-a hundred a hundred 100 ≤35 Vacuum~five. ≤0.fifty one ≤0.36 ≤0.21 ≤350ºC
GM-LK-a hundred and sixty one hundred sixty 100 ≤0.eighty two ≤0.fifty seven ≤0.34
GM-LK-200 two hundred a hundred ≤1. ≤ ≤0.four
GM-LK-250 250 a hundred ≤1.3 ≤0.9 ≤0.five
GM-LK-355 315 a hundred ≤1.6 ≤1.1 ≤0.7
GM-LK-500 500 a hundred ≤2.6 ≤1.8 ≤
GM-LK-750 750 80 ≤3.1 ≤2.1 ≤1.3
GM-LK-1250 a thousand eighty ≤4.1 ≤2.nine ≤1.7
GM-LK-2000 2500 eighty ≤10 ≤7 ≤4
GM-LK-3150 3150 80 ≤13 ≤9 ≤5
GM-LK-4500 4500 60 ≤14 ≤10 ≤6
GM-LK-6300 6300 sixty ≤19 ≤13 ≤8
GM-LK-8000 8000 sixty ≤24 ≤17 ≤10
GM-LK-12000 12000 fifty ≤31 ≤21 ≤13
GM-LK-25000 25000 fifty ≤64 ≤45 ≤27
Remark:the melt equipment pump movement is connected with the perform pace, substance viscosity, strain,
So the product variety make sure you ask for us.

Large Capacity Polymer Reactor Used Discharge Melt Gear Pump


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