Laboratory Equipment Water Ring Circulating Vacuum Pump Water Jet Pump

Circulating drinking water Multi-function vacuum pumps to flow into the h2o as the doing work fluid, using fluid jets to generate damaging strain injection pump. Evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, vacuum filtration, vacuum degassing process offers, is especially suitable for universities, study institutes, chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, foods, pesticides, agricultural engineering and biological engineering laboratory and modest scale sector.

Double Taps and double-desk display
Stainless steel motor and anti-corrosion motor are optional
. Evaluating Save drinking water much more than 35%
Specific fluid silencer, lowering the drinking water gasoline, the increased the diploma of vacuum is a lot more stable gasoline-liquid friction reduction, sound reduction
Acid, alkali and solvents corrosion 
Special fluid silencer, decreasing the h2o gas
Need normal substitution tank water to make sure water purity to make certain a diploma of vacuum, to avoid dust stains.

Product SHZ-D(III) SHZ-95B
Energy 180W 370W
 Suction Quantity 20L/Minutes 50L/Minutes
Optimum vacuum  .098Mpa .098Mpa
Voltage 220V or 110V 220V or 110V



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