Jzjs Roots Pump-Water Ring Vacuum Pump

JZJS roots vacuum device is manufactured up of the series connected roots pump and liquid ring pump&comma the place the roots pump is the primary pump and the h2o ring pump is employed as the backing pump&interval

It overcomes the greatest force big difference when making use of a one liquid ring pump &lparcompared with the liquid ring pump&comma the supreme stress of the device is tremendously improved&rpar&comma and the minimal pumping fee beneath a specific pressure&comma at the exact same time&comma retaining the gain of the fast perform and larger pumping rate of the roots pump&interval In certain&comma it is adapt to pump a fantastic sum of condensable vapors&period of time

Roots drinking water ring vacuum system contains the adhering to kinds&colon

&lpar1&rpar Roots pump-water ring pump&colon The liquid ring pump in this unit is utilized to create the fore vacuum essential for the roots pump&period Normally&comma the supreme vacuum degree of the solitary-phase drinking water ring vacuum pump is not substantial&comma and the roots pumps require increased supreme vacuum diploma&comma thus&comma the single-stage liquid ring pump is not normally utilised as the backing pump of the roots pump&time period The two-stage h2o ring pump with reduced final pressure can be utilized as the backing pump&comma to decrease the ultimate pressure of the unit&period of time
The supreme force of 1 roots pump and one water ring pump is 400PA&comma which can fulfill the common wants of vacuum&interval If blend two collection linked roots pumps and the drinking water ring pump&comma the supreme strain can be significantly enhanced &lparup to 25PA&rpar&interval For that reason&comma for this variety&comma the mix of two collection connected roots pumps with a two-stage pump as the backing pump is widespread to compose the unit&period If want a higher ultimate stress&comma a mix of a few roots pumps with a liquid ring pump can be employed&comma which greatest pressure can be up to t 1PA&time period

&lpar2&rpar If the 3-phase roots liquid ring device can not meet the final strain&comma the roots pump-h2o ring pump parallel mechanical vacuum pump can be adopted&semi This unit is largely for a vacuumizing system which is utilized to deal with a great quantity of h2o vapor&comma and demands a long time and a really large final vacuum degree&comma e&time period G&comma in the vacuum drying area&interval
In the vacuum method which is used to handle a wonderful volume of water vapor&comma liquid ring pump is much more acceptable decision&time period Even so&comma its supreme vacuum degree is not higher&comma as a outcome&comma the ultimate vacuum diploma of the total unit is decrease &lparrelatively&rpar&interval

Although in the vacuumizing program requiring increased vacuum diploma&comma the mechanical vacuum pump of larger ultimate vacuum shall be utilised as the backing pump&comma the gasoline ballast mechanical vacuum pump and water-ring pump can be related in sequence to act as the fore pump of the roots pump&period of time In vacuum drying&comma very first use the liquid ring pump for backing pumping until finally there is a significant reduction in water vapor&comma and then swap on the gasoline ballast mechanical vacuum pump&comma and swap off the h2o ring pump&period

Roots pump-water ring pump technique is commonly employed for the vacuum distillation&comma vacuum evaporation&comma dehydration and crystallization in the chemical business&semi Freeze drying in the foods sector&semi The vacuum drying in the pharmaceutical market&semi The terylene area chopping in the gentle textile industry&semi The vacuumizing system in substantial-altitude simulation take a look at&comma and so on&period of time

Technical parameters

 Type Attract price
Pumps potential
Major pump Intermediate pump Pre-stage pump
JZJS30-1 30 4×102 ZJ30 SZ-1 three&period75
JZJS70-two 70 4×102 ZJ70 SZ-1 five&period5
JZJS150-2 a hundred and fifty 4×102 ZJ150A SZ-two fourteen
JZJS300-2 300 4×102 ZJ300 SZ-three 19
JZJS600-two 600 4×102 ZJ600 2SK-12 35&period5
JZJS1200-two 1200 4×102 ZJ1200 2SK-twenty five fifty six
JZJS70-21 70 101 ZJ70 ZJ30 SZ-1 six&period25
JZJS70-twelve 70 one hundred and one ZJ70 ZJ70 SZ-1 seven
JZJS150-21 one hundred fifty a hundred and one ZJ150A ZJ70 SZ-two 15&period5
JZJS150-12 one hundred fifty one hundred and one ZJ150A ZJ150A SZ-2 17
JZJS300-41 300 a hundred and one ZJ300 ZJ70 SZ-two 16&period5
JZJS300-22 300 a hundred and one ZJ300 ZJ150A SZ-2 eighteen
JZJS600-forty one 600 one zero one ZJ600 ZJ150A SZ-three 23&period5
JZJS1200-22 1200 a hundred and one ZJ1200A ZJ600 2SK-twelve forty six&period5



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