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Stainless Steel Centrifugal Oil Pump

Stainless Steel Centrifugal Oil Pump

Thank you for you desire in our pumps, follow is transient introduction of this prodcut,welcome to make contact with us for any other technical information or newest value.

Brief introduction of operate
      WRY sequence very hot oil pump is a centrifugal type very hot oil circulation pump with max working temperature 350 DEG C. It has been extensively utilized in warmth carrier heating method and has entered the petroleum, chemical, rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, road building, meals and other industries, primarily utilised for conveying weak corrosion and higher-temperature fluid without sound particles. 

       CZPT sector: in chemical market, WRY very hot oil pump can be used to the operation of chemical unit, these kinds of as polymerization, condensation, distillation, distillation, focus, evaporation and other processes, delivering heat for its corresponding equipment.
     CZPT Industry: in the petrochemical sector, WRY sizzling oil pump can be used in the approach of synthesis, reaction, distillation and distillation, and can also be utilized for warmth preservation products these kinds of as asphalt and weighty oil, and can also be used for tank heating and heating of gasoline oil.
    CZPTry market: in the mechanical market, WRY sizzling oil pump can be utilised in electroplating treatment method gear, warmth therapy products, spray drying, rolling mill, baking technology, soften casting, and many others. also involved in heat conduction oil heating.
   CZPT market: warmth transfer oil is an oblique heat transfer medium. The biggest advantage is to manage the heating method correctly for the duration of the warmth transfer method. It is beneficial to the effective manage of the method and the wonderful top quality of the solution and its high quality.
    Oil and oil chemical industry: in the oil market, WRY scorching oil pump can be utilized in fatty acid distillation device, oil decomposition gadget, vacuum deodorization gadget, lipidization device, distillation, distillation and concentrator.
    Lumber industry: in wood industry, WRY sizzling oil pump can be used for heating artificial fiber board and particleboard molding device, and also for heating of wood drier.
Portray sector: in the painting business,WRY very hot oil pump is applied to paint baking, oil tub and other devices, so as to increase the surface area high quality of painting.
     Food business: warmth conduction oil is broadly used in the process of foods processing, this kind of as pastry, biscuit and other meals baking, meat cooking, fried and so on, as effectively as the refining and purification of edible oil and part of the food packaging technology are utilised to warmth oil heating.
     Papermaking and printing industry: in papermaking and printing sector, WRY very hot oil pump is utilized for heating corrugated paper processing machine, very hot melt equipment, paper processing device, dryer and other gear.
     Textile and printing and dyeing market: WRY very hot oil pump has gained quite mature knowledge in the application of warmth location machine, drying and baking equipment in textile, printing and dyeing business.
    CZPTs and rubber industries: in the plastics and rubber industries, WRY hot oil pump can be employed as heating energy for sizzling push, calender, extruder, vulcanization equipment, resin hardening system, laminator, synthetic leather processing equipment and so on.

Structural traits:
WRY series sizzling oil pump:
(one) Adopts packing seal and mechanical seal mix, and the packing seal packing with higher temperature resistance, with very good thermal adaptability, and mechanical seal with large mechanical toughness, excellent dress in resistance of difficult alloy content, to ensure the sealing efficiency beneath large temperature situations.
(two) Making use of the 3rd generation PTFE (PTFE) to do lip variety seal, so that the sealing efficiency leap-ahead, 25 instances far more dependable than the rubber seal trustworthiness, corrosion resistance is quite powerful.



The attributes of the pump:

     WRY sequence scorching oil pump is the CZPT generation merchandise based mostly on the analysis and advancement of our firm after learning and absorption of international oil pump. The standard composition is one-stage one suction cantilever leg supporting, the pump inlet is axial suction, export heart vertically upward, mounted on the foundation with motor.
WRY sequence hot oil pump is supported by the ball bearings at the each ends supported framework, entrance conclude lubricated by lubricating oil, again finish lubricated by grease, in the middle there is a guidebook pipe, for observation the sealing problem at any time and the recycling of conduction oil.
The standard drinking water cooling construction is altered to normal cooling composition, producing it less difficult framework, smaller quantity, reduced procedure expense, far better overall performance and more reliable usage.


Major Parameters:

Prodotto Capability Head Rotation Energy KW performance NPSH
m3/h m r/min shaft electricity motor electrical power n% m
26-20-one hundred four.5 15 2825 .45 .seventy five quaranta .otto
50-fifty-150 24 18 2890 three.1 4 forty six one.8
sixty five-40-a hundred ninety eighteen 40 2890 four.five five.five 52 2.8
65-fifty-a hundred and eighty 32 32 2900 four.5 five.5 52
one hundred twenty five-80-250 a hundred and sixty sessanta 2970 35.5 45 seventy four 5
a hundred twenty five-eighty-270 centocinquanta eighty five 2970 46 55 seventy three 5
one hundred twenty five-100-250 two hundred 60 2970 forty two.8 55 76.8 sei

All Design Record:
WRY50-32-a hundred and fifty
WRY50-32-a hundred and sixty
WRY50-50-one hundred seventy
WRY50-fifty-a hundred and fifty
WRY65-forty-a hundred ninety
WRY65-fifty-a hundred and fifty
WRY65-forty-two hundred
WRY80-fifty-a hundred and eighty
WRY          a hundred-65-a hundred ninety
WRY          one hundred-65-two hundred
WRY          one hundred-65-220
WRY          100-sixty five-210
WRY          a hundred-sixty five-230
WRY          100-sixty five-230
WRY          one hundred twenty five-100-a hundred ninety
WRY          100-65-240
WRY          100-65-257
WRY          one hundred twenty five-a hundred-220
WRY          a hundred twenty five-80-250
WRY          125-80-270
WRY          a hundred twenty five-one hundred-250
WRY          a hundred twenty five-one hundred-257
WRY          a hundred twenty five-100-265
WRY          125-one hundred-245
WRY          one hundred twenty five-100-260
WRY          125-a hundred-270
WRY          a hundred twenty five-a hundred-280
WRY          one hundred fifty-one hundred twenty five-250
WRY          a hundred and fifty-125-240
WRY          a hundred and fifty-one hundred twenty five-270
WRY          a hundred and fifty-a hundred twenty five-250
WRY          one hundred fifty-125-280
WRY          a hundred and fifty-one hundred twenty five-280


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 Parameters of Other Designs:


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Stainless Steel Centrifugal Oil Pump