Inline High Shear Vacuum Defoaming Emulsion Pump Homogenizer

Inline High Shear Vacuum Defoaming Emulsion Pump Homogenizer

Inline large shear mixer emulsifier / homogenizer (ELR/three)

EBR Large Shear Homogenizer integrates blend, emulsify, smash, disperse and dissolve into one equipment, it is broadly implement to coating, beauty, everyday wellness item, foodstuff, paint, ink, drink, dyeing and finishing, rubber, agricultural chemical, and so forth.
With substantial emulsifying efficiency, processing time will get fairly shorter.


one. There are 3 teams of stator and rotor referred to as three phases in the operating chamber, (2-layers, 4-levels and 6-layers of stator and rotors). With this kind of varieties of emulsification pump, a best emulsion impact can be obtained.

two. Applicable for liquid solution with a variety of viscosity and massive capability.

three. Substance can be SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel.

four. Precision finishing rotor-stator which is linear reducing

5. Best hole between rotor-stator, superior processing result and quick functioning time.

six. Adopting double mechanical seal and h2o protector can be configured.

seven. Explosion-proof (selection).

8. Elastic Link and lower sounds.

CZPT Parameters

Product Energy (kw) Pace (rpm) Flow (m3/h) Entrance Exit Content
ELR401/1/six 3000 1 DN40 DN32 SUS304/316L
ELR405/one/six four 3000 four DN40 DN32 SUS304/316L
ELR410/1/six seven.five 3000 8 DN50 DN40 SUS304/316L
ELR415/one/6 eleven 3000 twelve DN65 DN50 SUS304/316L
ELR420/one/six 15 3000 18 DN65 DN50 SUS304/316L
ELR425/one/six 18.five 1500/3000 twenty DN65 DN50 SUS304/316L
ELR430/1/six 22 1500/3000 22 DN65 DN50 SUS304/316L
ELR450/1/6 37 1500 30 DN100 DN80 SUS304/316L
ELR460/1/six forty five 1500 35 DN125 DN100 SUS304/316L
ELR475/1/6 fifty five 1500 40 DN125 DN100 SUS304/316L
ELR490/1/6 75 1500 55 DN125 DN100 SUS304/316L
ELR510/1/6 90 1500 75 DN125 DN100 SUS304/316L
ELR530/one/6 one hundred ten 1500 eighty five DN150 DN125 SUS304/316L

Inline High Shear Vacuum Defoaming Emulsion Pump Homogenizer


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