Industrial Gas Filling Pump for Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Argon LNG

Industrial Gas Filling Pump for Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Argon LNG

Massive Flow and Large Force for LNG Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Piston Pump

Merchandise Description:
one.CZPTtromagnetic pace adjustment motor/frequency conversion motor/fastened pace motor
two.Overpressure interlocking gadget Safety valve/CZPT check valve 
three.Temperature interlocking device within pump
4. Stress interlocking device of outlet liquid

1.Module design, extensive coverage of flow
two.Straightforward layout of pump head areas, practical for maintenance
3.Reputable construction of sealing
4.Optional fuel auxiliary sealing gadget, more increase the seal daily life
5.Various configurations increase the degree of protection and automation

two.Gasoline source methods of huge and medium-measurement metal mill, chemical manufacturing facility
three.Cylinder filling
4.Tank filling
five.Other medium force gasoline offer program

Optional Configuration:
1.CZPTtromagnetic velocity adjustment motor/frequency conversion motor/mounted speed motor
2.Overpressure interlocking gadget Basic safety valve/CZPT check valve 
3.Temperature interlocking gadget within pump
4.Strain interlocking unit of outlet liquid

Product   medium   Flow(L/h) Max outlet pressure(Mpa) Inlet pressure (Mpa) Motor Power
BP20-60/one hundred sixty five LOX,LIN,LAr 20-sixty sixteen.5 .02-.six 3KW
BP30-eighty/a hundred sixty five thirty-eighty 16.five .02-.six 3KW
BP60-250/one hundred sixty five sixty-250 sixteen.five .02-.six five.5KW
BP100-300/165 one hundred-300 sixteen.5 .02-.6 5.5KW
BP100-450/a hundred sixty five one hundred-450 sixteen.five .02-.6 5.5KW
BP200-450/one hundred sixty five 200-450 16.5 .02-.six 5.5KW
BP300-600/a hundred sixty five 300-600 16.5 .02-.six 7.5KW
DBP400-900/165 four hundred-900 16.five .02-.6 eleven KW
BP300-seven hundred/165 three hundred-700 16.five .02-.six seven.5KW
BP300-600/thirty three hundred-600 three. .02-.six 3KW
BP300-900/thirty three hundred-900 three. .02-.six 3KW
BP600-a thousand/30 600-one thousand 3. .02-.six 4KW
BP600-1200/30 600-1200 3. .02-.six 4KW
BP800-1500/thirty 800-1500 three. .02-.6 five.5KW
DBP1000-3000/30 one thousand-3000 3. .02-.six 7.five KW
DBP2000-4000/thirty 2000-4000 3. .02-.six 11 KW
DBP3000-6000/30 3000-6000 3. .02-.six fifteen KW
TBP4000-8000/thirty 4000-8000 three. .02-.6 eighteen.five KW
TBP8000-15000/thirty 8000-15000 three. .02-.six 22KW
TBP10000-25000/25 10000-25000 2.five .02-.6 37KW
TBP10000-25000/30 10000-25000 3. .02-.six 45KW
TBP20000-35000/30 20000-35000 3. .02-.six fifty five KW
TBP30000-45000/30 30000-45000 three. .02-.6 75 KW
P100-600/100 CO2 100-600 10. .02-two.four 5.5KW
P300-900/one hundred three hundred-900 10. .02-two.4 seven.5KW
P600-1200/100 600-1200 ten. .02-two.four 7.5KW
P900-1600/a hundred 900-1600 10. .02-two.four seven.5KW
BP400/250 LNG 400 twenty five. .02-.six 7.5KW
BP700/250 seven hundred twenty five. .02-.six 11 KW
DBP1000/250 1000 25. .02-.six 18.five KW
DBP1500/250 1500 25. .02-.6 22 KW


Regularly Requested Concerns:

Q1.What is the delivery time of this pump?
A1.The shipping and delivery of this fuel cylinder is 20 times soon after the deposit acquired.

Q2.What payment terms do you generally use?
A2.We acknowledge TT, 30% as deposit and 70% prior to delivery.

Industrial Gas Filling Pump for Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Argon LNG