HVAC Parts 20cfm Industrial Vacuum Pump Vp2200

HVAC Parts 20cfm Industrial Vacuum Pump Vp2200

CZPT components 20CFM CZPT vacuum pump VP2200

Features of vacuum pump:
1. Built-in body cylinder construction with substantial precision.
two. Soleniod valve construction to stop reflux
3. High exact vaccum gauge offers you an accuate reading through.
four. Oil window style to steer clear of operate out of oil.

CZPT Info:

Design   VRD-16 VRD-24 VRD-30 VRD-forty eight VRD-65 VP2120 VP2200
Pumping charge m3/h(L/S) 50Hz sixteen(4.four) 24(6.six) 30(8.3) 48(13.eight) sixty five(eighteen) 20(5.five) 36(10)
60Hz 19.two(five.two) 28.eight(7.nine) 36(nine.9) 57.six(16) seventy eight(21.6) 24(six.6) forty three(12)
Extremity total pressure off gas ballast valve 4*10-2pa four*ten-2pa 4*ten-2pa 4*ten-2pa four*ten-2pa 4*ten-2pa 4*10-2pa
Extremity full pressure off gasoline ballast valve 4*10-1pa 4*ten-1pa four*10-1pa four*ten-1pa four*ten-1pa four*10-1pa 4*10-1pa
Extremity total force off gasoline ballast valve 8*10-1pa eight*ten-1pa 8*ten-1pa eight*10-1pa eight*10-1pa 8*ten-1pa 8*10-1pa
Electrical power solitary period/three period source solitary stage/3 stage source one period/three period source one stage/three section source three phase 3 period single period/a few phase provide solitary section/a few section offer
Motor ability(kw) .75/.fifty five one.1/.75 one.1 one.five 2.2 .seventy five/.55 1.1/.75
Air inlet and outlet connector DN KF25 KF25/forty KF25/forty KF40 KF40 7/sixteen”-20UNF 7/sixteen”-20UNF
Oil potential(L) .9~one.5 1.three~two. three.three~two. three.three~4.five 3.3~4.5 .9~one.five 1.three~2.
Motor speed 50Hz 1440 1440 1440 1440 1440 1440 1440
60Hz 1720 1720 1720 1720 1720 1720 1720
Doing work temperature five-40ºC 5-40ºC 5-40ºC 5-40ºC 5-40ºC five-40ºC five-40ºC 5-40ºC
Sounds ≤58dB ≤58dB ≤58dB ≤62dB ≤62dB ≤58dB ≤58dB
Weight  33kg 36kg 37kg 62kg 65kg 37kg 41kg

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HVAC Parts 20cfm Industrial Vacuum Pump Vp2200

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