How Does Oil Less Air Compressors Work?

Air compressors are vital pieces of equipment on most industries or job sites. It is used to power tools and complete many jobs. When to choose an air compressor, there are a variety of options available varying by size, style, weight, output performance and working principle.

Generally, air compressors are divided into two types depending on uses of oil such as oil lubricated air compressors and oil free compressors or oil less air compressors.

oilless air compressor

Oil less air compressors do not use any oil on its cylinder walls. The design of oil less air compressor or oil free air compressor depends on the lubricating materials which allows the piston to move in the cylinder and the grease in the locked bearings.

Oil free air compressors use a piston, but oil-less air compressors or oil free compressors also cover the issue of lubrication by covering the compressors material with pre lubricating material.

In place of oil, some oil less air compressors also used water for the lubrication and cooling process.

Working Principle Of Oil Less Air Compressors Or Oil Free Compressors:

When the oil less air compressors start, they bring the outside air in through their discharger valve and pass the air through the inlet filters to make sure that the air is pure. The filters can limit the damage to the air compressors and its components.

Then the discharger valve will open to help the air compressor pump the air into its chamber by placing it in the charged position. After the valve gets closed, the air compressor arrives under the discharged condition and starts rotating. When the compressor is in running state and delivering the compressed and pure air, it can’t be able to pull in any more air.

Then oilless compressor again will start compressing the air and then move it through your compressor to cool down the air so you can use this air for your applications. After completing its initial compression, air will be pushed by the piston through an internal cooler, and there the air can get cooler so it can be compressed further.

As the air runs to the after cooling process, then the air will pass through a checking valve which can prevent any type of backflow and ensure the further air compresses and will fill your tank with pure air.

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