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How Does A Scroll Compressor Work?

Nowadays, industrial’s compressor models and technologies are varied with the HVAC/R applications. But when it comes to authenticity and performance of HVAC/R systems, the scroll compressor provides one of the best choices for specific industrial, residential, and commercial applications. So, advanced scroll compressors are prepared with new technologies which permit the compressors to produce higher efficiency and better flexibility under both full and part conditions.

The scroll compressor is a designed compressor which functions in a circular motion.

Scroll compressors are becoming famous for HVAC system because they are reliable and more efficient than the reciprocating model. A scroll compressor includes one fixed scroll that remains persistent and another moving which rotates through a swing link.

When all this happens, between two scrolls, the pockets or refrigerant are pushed to the centre of the two scrolls, it causes a decrease in the volume of the gas.

How Does Scroll Compressor Work:

Scroll compressors include two identical component scrolls: a stationary scroll which is attached to the compressor, and a moving scroll which maintains a path which is defined by the stationary scroll. Both scrolls are interlaced and connected to one another to create several smaller pockets toward the spiral centre where the shaft is placed.

Because of the moving scrolls, between two scrolls, it forms the gas pockets. Where the compressed gas discharged, at the outside of the scrolls, the pockets take in the gas and move towards the scroll’s centre.

As the gas shifts into the smaller internal pockets, both it increases the temperature and pressure of these

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 What Are The Advantages Of Scroll Compressors?

The main advantage of a scroll compressor is having fewer moving parts and low torque fluctuation compared to the reciprocating compressor. This advantage makes the operation smooth. The scroll compressor has another name, which is scroll vacuum pump.

There are few more advantages of the scroll compressor:

  • Design is compact with lightweight cooling feature
  • Has high efficiency
  • Reliable

The compressors manufacturers strive to supply high efficiency and reliability in a market where availability is equally important.