How Does A Rotary Vane Pump Work?

Rotary vane pumps are positive displacement pumps which are adjustable, normally generate higher efficiencies compared to gear pumps. These types of vane pump promote efficiency, which makes them last for long with little maintenance. They are also cost-efficient to purchase and repair.

Rotary vane pumps enable the compression of the atmosphere inside the pump chamber to create the elimination of air molecules from an area.

Oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps are alike to the other vane pumps. However, these vacuum pumps provide unique benefits which you will not find with other standard vacuum pumps.  Rotary vane pumps are positive displacement pumps which aspect sliding vanes in a rotor spinning within in a cavity.

These vane pumps never encounter internal metal to metal link, so they can do self compensate for wear. As an outcome, they sustain peak performance longer than other competing machinery.

Before moving to the working principle of a rotary vane pump, let’s see the benefits of the rotary vane pump.

Benefits Of Rotary Vane Pumps:

  • Temperature uses – 10 to 40 degree Centigrade
  • Low noise level
  • Low vibration level
  • High water vapour tolerance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Free of virtual pulsation
  • Oil protects all components from corrosion
  • The oil cleans the compressor chamber

Those are the major benefits of rotary vane pumps if you want to know more about rotary vane pump visit China Vacuum Pump

What is the working principle of Rotary Vane Pump?

  1. A rotor is placed eccentrically in the pump housing
  2. There are free moving vanes which are inserted into the multiple channels. When the rotor rotates the centrifugal force pitch the vanes against the cylindrical wall and generates a chamber between the rotor and the cylinder.
  3. As the rotor remains to turn the chamber volume between the blades keeps changing because of the eccentrically placed rotor.
  4. From the intake to discharge the chamber volume becomes larger and then smaller. When the volume gets higher, a vacuum is generated as an outcome from the rotation of the vanes creating air entering from the intake
  5. When the house or chamber gets smaller because of the compressed air, a pressure is generated at the outlet


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